The backrooms.

Item #: SCP-4701

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The interior of SCP-4701

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The office building containing to SCP-4701 has been purchased by the foundation, and is off-limits to the public. If any non-foundation personnel enter the building, they are to be detained and Class-A amnesiacs should be used. If, however, they enter SCP-4701, a search team is unnecessary, and a cover-up story is to be made if needed.
Any testing involving SCP-4701 must be approved by three (3) Level 4 personnel, and cross-testing with other SCPs is banned by the O5 council.

Description: SCP-4701 is a space-time anomaly in an office building, located in █████████, Kentucky. The entrance to SCP-4701 is a wall, left to the entrance of a restroom. The interior of SCP-4701 is randomly generated, and every subject who enters will be separated from other individuals. Every generation of SCP-4701 has a few things that are in every generation, including, but not limited to: clocks, yellow lights, and the faint scent of lemons.
Any drone entering SCP-4701 will stop functioning after 12 meters, rendering them useless.
SCP-4701 is, with what information has been gathered, truly infinite. Once any individual enters SCP-4701, the subject will slowly lose sanity, and after ██ meters, will seize all movement, collapsing dead. No subjects have been recovered, and no remains have been located either.
Once any subject has entered SCP-4701, any nearby subjects will attempt to enter SCP-4701, wanting to retrieve the previous subject.
If any individual attempts to escape SCP-4701 by the path they entered, the subject appears to have escaped. However, once an individual goes ██ meters from the entrance, they will begin to [REDACTED], fading into dust. The dust is non-anomalous, and can easily be incinerated.
SCP-4701-1 is an unknown entity residing in SCP-4701. The form is unknown, and is only seen by it's shadow. Getting near SCP-4701-1 triggers a fear reflex in subjects, preventing them from getting closer. SCP-4701 is usually only heard through scratches in the walls, ceiling, and floor.