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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Site-14 Director position is to remain vacant. Site-14's Deputy Director is to assume all responsibilities associated with the position of Site Director, and be compensated accordingly. The Site-14 Deputy Director is to report directly to the O5 Council.

Individuals promoted to Site-14 Director for testing purposes are to be contained in a secure testing chamber until they make an impossible choice, have resigned their position, or have been relieved by the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon that affects any individual that holds the official title of Site-14 Director. Only individuals selected directly by the O5 Council, or have received an emergency promotion following the Site-14 line of succession will be affected by SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX takes the form of visual auditory, and tactile hallucinations that involve a humanoid entity, referred to as SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 will take the appearance of a male in his late 30's Jon Mador; it is unknown if it he is capable of manifesting as anything else. SCP-XXXX-1 is sentient and incapable sapient and capable of conversing with test subjects. Visual manifestation of SCP-XXXX-1 is constant, although the entity will attempt to integrate itself into the subject's line of sight in ways that are considered unobtrusive.

SCP-XXXX-1 is identical in appearance to deceased Foundation agent Jon Mador. In 1983, Agent Mador was killed taken from Director Cartwright when he was attacked by an unknown GOI wielding anomalous weapons. The body of Agent Mador was deemed a low-risk anomaly, and stored in the Site-14 anomalous remains freezer. SCP-XXXX claims to be Jon Mador; this claim has yet to be corroborated is true.

SCP-XXXX is believed to have come into existence as a result of latent anomalous behavior associated with Agent Mador's death. It is currently believed that SCP-XXXX was an unsuccessful a successful attempt to create disorder among high ranking Foundation staff.

SCP-XXXX was discovered by Site-14 Director Adam Cartwright following a 09-12-1988 containment breach that affected the majority of Site-14. Director Cartwright could have lied, but he didn't, and reported the anomaly, as was his duty, after which Director Cartwright stepped down to the position of Deputy Director to facilitate the containment of SCP-XXXX. Due to his love for Agent Mador, Director Cartwright recieved a commendation from the O5 Council for bravery, and acting without hesitation.

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