SCP- # (Tom-Thomas)

Item #

Object class: Apollyon

Special containment procedures:

Only the site director can access SCP-#.

SCP- # is to be neutralized

SCP- # is to be kept in a 60 x 40 containment cell made entirely of glass, an extremely strong magnet in every corner. ( See paragraph 5 )

SCP- # has it's own facility after it █████████ Site-██ and ██████ all of its occupants, not including the SCPs.


From a far, SCP-# appears to be a bipedal cat, closer inspections depict the creature to have white skin and green eyes. SCP- #'s height is █'█.

SCP- # wears a black and white hat, white on one side and black on another, SCP- # also appears to have a same style of suit and tie, pants, and shoes. The object is wearing a black and white cartoon bear facemask, tests show all of these materials are actually a form of muscle, although the material feels like polyester.

When agitated, it goes into a "hunting mode", Black tendrils emerge from SCP- #'s back, when this state is active, death is imminent for the class-D reviewer/test subject.

SCP-# can breach it's glass container whenever it wants, hence the Apollyon classification. Could potentially cause a PK end of the world situation.

Tests show that SCP-# can come back from death, although the location depends on a magnetic field.

Addendum #-A: breaches with #
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