SCP-XXXX "The Getaway Bus"
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Item #: SCP-3867

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A standard containment cell large enough to fit a bus within it is used to hold SCP-3867. It is positioned in such a way that any manifestations from within SCP-3867 have direct access to be extracted from the cell through its folding door by on-site personnel. Cameras have been placed within the cell that will provide live footage of any sign of life within SCP-3867, in which case the live subject should be extracted and moved to treatment and evaluation immediately.

Access to SCP-3867's containment chamber is only permitted for extractions of live subjects and follow-up investigations of SCP-3867. It is unknown at this time whether human presence inside SCP-3867 will prevent an instance of manifestation.

Description: SCP-3867 is a standard yellow school bus that has decayed beyond repair. It was found in a remote wooded section of █████ Mountain in ████████ County, Georgia by Sheriff Arlen █████ after a mutilated body, now referred to as SCP-3867-1, was discovered close to the site by a hiker on the same day. The SCP Foundation was notified as investigations were beginning to commence by the ████████ County Sheriff’s Office, intercepting before any more anomalous instances took place.

SCP-3867 has no obvious anomalous properties on its own, but is believed to be directly related to the several human entities who were formerly declared as deceased manifesting from within SCP-3867. There have been 17 recorded instances of formerly deceased human entities, known as SCP-3867-1 through SCP-3867-17, manifesting from within SCP-3867. SCP-3867-1 was the first known instance of manifestation and subsequently expired due to dehydration after approximately 48 hours of moving across █████ Mountain. All but SCP-3867-14 were mutilated in the same way; the eyes and tongue severed entirely, arms melded to be crossed over the chest, and skin that has been burned and dried out. There have been two deaths among the following 16 human entities due to fatal bodily harm. No signs of aggression have been recorded and they have been deemed safe to engage with.

None have shown any signs of cooperation besides SCP-3867-14 despite retaining cognitive functions and basic motor skills, including the ability to walk autonomously. SCP-3867-14 exhibits only the removal of eyes and tongue, while its arms are functional and its skin left mostly intact with burns in small patches across the body. It has displayed attempts to communicate verbally, unlike any of the other manifestations of SCP-3867, and now uses a tablet to write to staff.

SCP-3867-14 identifies itself as Reese ██████, a woman at the age of 22 and resident of █████████, Georgia. It also claims to have been deceased after an incident involving heroin. These descriptions match up with an event that took place 9 years ago, and DNA sampling has proven that these claims are correct. A research team was dispatched to the cemetery where Reese ██████ was buried to confirm that no remains existed there.

The only description of where SCP-3867-14 was before manifesting has been a dark, gray, outdoor location. When asked what happened to SCP-3867-14, it explained that there were █████ █████ ████████ present holding ██████ and ███████. The majority of these ████████ were described wearing only █████████, and would often shriek at SCP-3867-14 when it refused to cooperate with them. A list of physical acts claimed to be inflicted upon SCP-3867-14 by these █████ ████████ has been documented, including ██████ ██████████, ██████ ████, ███ ███████, ███████ ███ ████ ███████████, ████████, and ███ ██████ █████.

SCP-3867 was described as being across a field from SCP-3867-14, and the ████████ only ceased when SCP-3867-14 managed to reach it.

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