Dr. Benson's Reports
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in Area 78. Any personnel entering Area 78 must have a C level security officer accompanying. Breaking away from parties is not permitted due to the high volume of man-made hazards which have been proven fatal. Any encounter with an instance of SCP-XXXX is to be documented; all parties must then perform a tactical retreat to Dock 3A, due 56 degrees east of SCP-XXXX-B-2. Exposed personnel will be treated with class A amnestics and moved to a different site.

A natural reef around the island serves as a barrier to any boats attempting to enter the site. Any personal aircraft are to be called to land on one of many offshore rigs under the guise of oil rigs and asked to leave. Those who resist are to be taken down and a story of a storm explaining their death sent to the families. Survivors are to be interviewed in depth and given class A amnestics before being taken to a hospital on the mainland.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to the humanoid population, numbering roughly around 56, who inhabit the small island off the Eastern coast of China. Genetic testing has traced SCP-XXXX-1 instances to Eastern China, branching off from the early Tang Dynasty. They have unusual crystalline structures growing out from their skulls in different colors (green/blue/violet), patterns, and formations; each crystal color and pattern differing from person to person with no known ties to any observable phenotypes.

SCP-XXXX-1 instances are a mild dangerous cognitohazard; exposure to an agitated and solitary SCP-XXXX-1 instance will result in effects such as migraine, shakiness/spasms, loss of control of bowels, symptoms of stroke, or forced suicide.

Instances of SCP-XXXX-1 only communicate verbally in groups greater than two or during interactions with young children. SCP-XXXX speak a language quite similar to Mandarin, however it is not close enough to the modern form to be translated accurately. When two instances maintain eye contact for longer than 60 seconds, their crystals will begin to glow; the purpose of the glow is unknown.

Each SCP-XXXX-1 has a unique personality, typically organized into the three main personality traits associated with each crystal (see Addendum 1) and they all serve a particular purpose within the community or their group.
-Those with violet crystals show more strength and confidence, within the clan they take roles as hunters and scavengers. From now referred to as SCP-XXXX-vio.
-Those with green crystals fill clan roles as teachers and help the blue crystal instances with their work. Now referred to as SCP-XXXX-gre
-The subjects with blue crystals are much more empathetic (perhaps even empathic), showing compassion and care; they help in the healing of injured and sick. Referred to as SCP-XXXX-blu.

SCP-XXXX routinely conducts what appears to be a gathering or meeting. The gathering is held at the sunrise of the first day of the week. From partial translations, it can be assumed these gatherings are to discuss farming and planning labor shifts. There is no clear hierarchy, however the gathered instances will acknowledge a small group to talk, before looking to a new group for their input. When the meeting ends, instances of SCP-XXXX immediately begin labor. All members will labor, regardless of gender or rank within the group, the only exception being pregnant women and young children. Instances of SCP-XXXX form groups and work in those groups to complete tasks and socialize. These groups change weekly and are each typically comprised of two instances of SCP-XXX-blu, two instances of SCP-XXX-gre, and a singular instance of SCP-XXX-vio, though not consistently.

Other buildings are the huts in which SCP-XXXX live and work within. The huts are permanent placements with foundations of rock. The wall of each hut is a stretched animal hide and are held up by thin, long branches of smooth maple wood. All supports lean in towards a single point, creating a single exit point for smoke when a fire is lit inside the hut. Longer huts are used for storage and certain work places while the smaller, more circular huts are sleeping spaces.

Area 78's land is occupied partly by large stone temples labeled as SCP-XXXX-B. Within each temple is a different skull. Their observed purpose, based on translations in each temple, is to serve as memorials. These skulls are designated SCP-XXXX-A (see Addendum 1).

Addendum 1: Each skull type are found on pedestals in the center chamber of each occurrence of SCP-XXXX-B. Each skull has a different color of crystal, differing from the others. Based on translations in the temples, each color represents a unique trait. It is unknown who built the temples as there are no signs they were built by any ancestor of SCP-XXXX. Translations below.

Subject: SCP-XXXX-B-1
Details: The center pedestal has one occurrence of SCP-XXXX-A with green crystal growths along the left side and nasal bridge of the skull. Translations say that green represents understanding and learning. Certain specimens of SCP-XXXX, (as described by the Agents observing) were scholars, all dressed in formal tan linens and grey tones. They supposedly go there to pray or pay some sort of homage, further observation required.

Subject: SCP-XXXX-B-2
Details: The center pedestal has one occurrence of SCP-XXXX-A with purple crystal growths along both sides of the lower jaw and along the center of the top of the cranium, trailing from the base to the widow's peak end with the widest point at 2cm. Translations say that the violet represents mental fortitude and strength. The Agents watching this place describe the people coming here to be hunters for the people, all are weary and well muscled with green branches and vines woven into clothing to provide camouflage. They all enter the temple carrying spears and meat and come out without either.

Subject: SCP-XXXX-B-3
Details: [DATA EXPUNGED] Note: There are no conditions under which entry to this temple are permitted, do not attempt entry. Please. -Dr Benson

Subject: SCP-XXXX-B-4
Details: There is no pedestal in this temple. Instead of the usual, one-room layout, this temple has 16 separate rooms. Each room has a strong iron door with a set of different symbols on each one. Of the sixteen, there were three recognized in translation as known SCP entities. In the main entry chamber there is writing indicating that these people worked as some sort of scholars, studying the strange anomalous things found around the island. Further work on remaining objects required.
The three items recognized were confirmed cognitohazardous, but writing found on the doors says that they were repressed and the hazard neutralized. SCP-XXXX may be considered for thaumiel purposes.

Addendum 2: Foundation Researcher, James A███████, worked to determine the crystals' make with his team. Official reports follow.


A cross section of the green crystal growing from the skull, the imperfect shape was caused by natural salt water erosion.

Researcher A███████

Subject of Matter: Skull Crystal from deceased instance of SCP-XXXX

Results of Test 1: Test 1 looked into where the crystal started. It is observed that the crystal started in the absolute center of the neural cavity. Inside of the skull, the crystal would connect with the centers for speech, hearing, image processing, and the cerebral lobe. Note: the crystal passes through the bone matter without causing any damage, could it be absorbing the calcium?

Results of Test 2: Test 2 focused on the geological structure; we studied the cross-section to find that the molecular structure was very close to that of quartz, however the piezoelectric1 properties had been boosted above natural levels. Some other observations include the presence of growth rings, similar to those of a tree.

Results of Test 3: Test 3 looked at the organic material within the crystals were. The core of each crystal was filled with tightly packed neuron bundles. The nucleus of each cell also held the gene responsible for the bio-luminescence in deep sea squid. While explaining many things about the crystal, the actual purpose was yet to be discovered.

Addendum 3: Upon further testing with certain subjects of SCP-XXXX, they showed an adverse resistance to memetic and other cognitohazardous SCP specimens. In later experiments they were instructed to concentrate on D-level personnel exposed to both sides of SCP-3650. The results provided insight into how each instance of SCP-3793 influenced someone under cognitohazardous conditions. All tests were performed on █/██/11.

Purple crystals caused test-subjects to [REDACTED].

The green crystals caused the test-subject to escape using unconventional methods and procedures, some solutions caused the subject considerable pain and injured their [REDACTED]. Thaumiel possibility is nonexistent. Subject treated for injury and administered class B amnestic.

Instances with blue crystals had the most promising effect: knocking out the individual under the influence of the cognitohazard. The test-subject remained unconscious for 16 minutes until they awoke with no memory of the event. Thaumiel possibility is most acceptable; permission pending from 05 and Ethics committee. After 2 weeks of active work, the test-subject spontaneously [REDACTED] and killed themselves.

Addendum 4: There are other sites on the island where several instances of SCP-XXXX-A have been found. The first and most notable was the discovery of eighteen SCP-XXXX-A were found with complete skeletons. They were discovered during the construction of sub-dock 2A on the date █/██/06. They are well over 500 thousand years old with no signs of trauma or other signs to indicate an unnatural death. Tests show they died of old age, though more anomalous reasons are plausible.

Incident Report ██/08/██: [DATA EXPUNGED] Note: The subjects in this experiment were given class S amnestics and returned home, their employment in the Foundation terminated for their safety. Access to solitary and agitated SCP-XXXX-blu-X in cell block ██ is restricted to all personnel. -[DATA EXPUNGED]

Report concluded.