Tracque_ Draft

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe


SCP-XXXX as photographed by MTF-Gamma-5 on intial query into the area.

Special Containment Procedures: The designated perimeter of 5km is to be maintained around the entrance to SCP-XXXX at all times, this area hereafter known as Area-392 is to be covered up as an active mining area. In the event that a civilian is to arrive at Area-392, they should be administered with Class-C Amnestics before being sent away.

In the event that Area-392, or the Foundation’s control over the area is compromised, a blockade around the entrance to SCP-XXXX is to be installed, therefore preventing civilian access. A cover story of a collapsed mineshaft will be implemented into local newspapers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a cave system located in [REDACTED] and is known to have reality warping properties.1 The unusual seismic activity in the area is believed to stem from the reactions of the surrounding structures, not from the actual changes in SCP-XXXX’s structure, as the changes within SCP-XXXX encompass a larger area and would thusly result in different, more violent reactions.

The area came into the attention of the Foundation following the disappearance of multiple civilians at a popular local attraction. After a refusal by the owners to elaborate on how this happened to multiple experienced cavers and a seismic analysis2 of the surrounding area, the foundation acquired the attraction and established control of Area-392. Members of the public with knowledge of SCP-XXXX were taken in for questioning, before being administered with amnestics. The only known member of the public to have escaped SCP-XXXX after being declared missing is [REDACTED]. Much early information about SCP-XXXX was taken from the subject's journal. (See LOG-XXXX-01)

SCP-XXXX is a cave system that appears under seismic analysis, to occupy a space of approximately 3km, but has been shown to extend much farther than this estimate whilst still only occupying this space. The predicted size is suggested by the seismic analysis performed on initial query into the area, but expeditions performed by MTF-Gamma-5 have ventured as far as 30km from the entry point. SCP-XXXX exhibits its anomalous properties when ventured into any further than 1 km from the entrance hereafter known as the “normal zone”.

Every expedition past the “normal zone” is invariably different from the last. It is currently unknown if there is any real pattern to the changes in SCP-XXXX’s structure and ongoing research suggests against any patterns. Evidence suggests against the presence of any lifeforms within SCP-XXXX beyond the bacterium and moss expected to be found within such cave systems, however, journal entries recovered from [REDACTED] upon his escape make reference to bodies of water and fish. This suggests that SCP-XXXX itself does not directly threaten the lives of anything inside it. Note also that these lifeforms seem to gain sustenance on the light emitted from fluorescent rocks within SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX demonstrates awareness of when it is being observed, as its structure will remain unchanging during observation. This only applies to direct human observation, that is, live observation by a human. SCP-XXXX will also repair its structure if not observed, even if there are no other apparent changes. SCP-XXXX will also remove any foreign items3 during restructuring, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Drones
  • Tethers
  • Tools
  • Food

This makes remote observation a must, as very few recording attempts have been successful. Changes in SCP-XXXX's structure can eliminate a direct route from the entrance to any point within the cave system and as such, all expeditions are required to have full mining equipment. Any such restructurings will also cut off communications with the outside. These properties have spawned theories as to SCP-XXXX's nature. (See Addendum)

Following tests which revealed SCP-XXXX's properties, there have been suggestions that SCP-XXXX possesses a predatory nature. Whilst not proven, these theories are generally accepted, as its properties make escape near-impossible for any untrained or unprepared individuals. These theories postulate that SCP-XXXX doesn't change it's structure when under sufficient human observation to goad subjects into a false sense of security before trapping them.4