Item #: Scp-3540

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To avoid loss of the lives of civilians, the designated perimeter of 5km is to be maintained around the entrance to Scp-3540 and no freelance expeditions into Scp-3540 should go beyond the agreed upon “normal zone”.

Scp-3540 is to be routinely surveyed by MTF-Gamma-5 “Depth Striders”. These expeditions should be carried out at least once per month, but are not considered a priority.

In the event that a civilian is to arrive at Area-392, they should be administered with Class-C Amnestics before being sent away.

Description: Scp-3450 is a cave system located in [REDACTED] and is known to have reality warping and memetic properties. The unusual seismic activity in the area is believed to stem from the reactions of the surrounding structures, not from the actual changes in Scp-3540’s structure, as the changes within Scp-3540 encompass a larger area and would thusly result in different, more violent reactions.

The area came into the attention of the foundation as news articles and blogs described a “one of a kind” and “unique” cave system. These posts all disagreed as to the precise nature of the cave system and following the disappearance of multiple civilians and a seismic analysis of the surrounding area, the foundation acquired the attraction and established control of Area-392.

Scp-3540 is a cave system that occupies a space of approximately 3km, but is much larger within this space. The predicted size is suggested by the seismic analysis performed on initial query into the area, but expeditions performed by MTF-Gamma-5 have ventured as far as 30km from the entry point. Scp-3540 exhibits its anomalous properties when ventured into any further than 1 km from the entrance hereafter known as the “normal zone”. If a subject attempts to venture past this area, the subject will express amazement at the complex structures of Scp-3540 and speak of a desire to explore the entire cave, even if the subject has previously explored past this area. This effect can be negated by administration of Class-B-Psychological Hardening drugs. It is believed that the effect subsides with time, as during Expedition-3540-██, the longest expedition on record, the administered drugs had expired approximately halfway the the mission, but no adverse side-effect were shown by MTF-Gamma-5

Every expedition past the “normal zone” is invariably different from the last. It is currently unknown if there is any real pattern to the changes in Scp-3540’s structure and ongoing research suggests against any patterns.