SCP-3273 “Traitorguard”. By Cannibal_Hector

Item #: SCP-3273. “Traitorguard”
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of yet there are no known containment measures in place for SCP-3272 as it is not only known whether containment measures are needed for SCP-3273 , but also if containment measures are possible due to SCP- extensive knowledge of Foundation protocol, staff and resources. However ever since ████ suggestions of containment procedures are open to any 05-personnel.

On the few occasions SCP-3273 has made demands from foundation personnel, such as access to certain sites, *(one such site was the abandoned site-13), munitions, and food/beverage requests. Until further notice these shall act as containment procedures: Give in to SCP-3273 requests after approval by 05-Command.

Description: SCP-3273 claims to be an unorthodox foundation Mobile Task Force, known as MTF-tau 27, AKA “Traitorguard”. No such records prior to SCP- discovery have existed. SCP-3273 consists of several members; SCP-3273-1 “Pathfinder”, SCP-3273-2 “Erika”, SCP-3273-3 “Kectyr”, SCP-3273-4 “Hollis”, SCP-3273-5 “Delta”. SCP-3273 1-3 origins as of yet are unknown and have equipment unique to them, whereas SCP-3273 4&5 were former members other mobile task forces, and where presumed KIA, see ADDENDUM-3273-04.

  • SCP-3273-1 Is a Caucasian female with blue face (and presumably body) paint with intricate patterns. She wears a black overcoat reminiscent of SCP-1678-A. *See Addendum-3273-01. She carries a small sheathed sword and, what is assumed to be, a rocket launcher similar in appearance to a AA commonly used by foundation MTF personnel known as SCP-3273-1-B. She has brown hair medium length hair and blue eyes. This rocket launcher, when seen in action, projectiles are fired out without no indication of being loaded at speeds exceeding ███ metres per second. When in collision with targeted object a two toned flash is witness and a streak is visible splitting target clearly in two. When in contact with organic matter, it █████ and ████ on contact, with ribs and hand bones visibly stuck out of ████. SCP- 3273-1 is stated as leader by remaining MTF members. *They are to be referred as SCP-32733 in future instances as we do not know what they are still, or if they are who the claim to be.*
  • SCP-3273-2 Is another Caucasian female, (assumed to be of Scandinavian origin due to accent) with what can only be described as bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a white shirt with rolled up sleeves as seen in every appearance, with black leather pants. She has three massive claw marks which have scarred on her left fore arm which she claims from “fighting SCP-087”.

NOTE: WTF this raises so many questions, 087 isn’t just a face? Or is there more than we know about that freaky ass staircase?!

  • SCP-3273-2 is equipped with a unknown make flamethrower with an unknown reach, as its seen reaching over 100 metres in action. Note this Flamethrower contains not only their MTF “symbol” but also the Foundation’s Logo on it’s fuel tank on her back.
  • SCP-3273-3 is male and black Labrador puppy. SCP-3273-3 is equipped with a gas mask that has never been removed in presence of Foundation personnel and standard, but modified foundation MTF gear. The Labrador puppy is designated SCP-3273-3 as it is attached by what seems to be a normal dog lead to the male, but it’s length in undetermined as it extends when entity is engaged. The male does talk, but when it does talk it gets offended if you do not look at the dog when in conversation with “Kectyr”.

*It is assumed that the dog is I control of the MTF member but should not be disregarded as it is sentient and can control MTF male with extremely good performance in action. Killing 300 SCP-███ entities.

  • SCP-3273-4 claims to be Captain Hollis. *see SCP-1730*. See addendum-3273-04. When interviewed by Foundation personnel, she shows the memory and knowledge known to be known by Captain Hollis.
  • SCP-3273-5 claims to be MTF-ZETA 9 “mole rats” ███. Who was designated as “Delta” on mission in SCP- where he presumably killed him self after the rest of his team was KIA and when he couldn’t return. Like SCP-3273-4 he retains the memories of the member he claims to be.

Members of SCP-3273 have been highly cooperative with Foundation personnel and occasionally respond to Site containment breaches and site requests. However they have never been seen to have a FOB or “home” as such, as attempts to follow them become futile and re lost after 17 hours of tracking. To avoid unnecessary casualties, SCP-3273 is to be considered “FRIENDLY” when in the field. Although their motivations and intentions refused to be shared and thus unknown. Therefore shall remain Euclid as that clearly show power to cause destruction, *see addendum-3273-3.



Dr. ██████: Please identify yourself.

SCP-3273-1: Pathfinder, pleased to meet you.

Dr. ██████: You seem in a good mood, Pathfinder.

SCP-3723-1: Well, what can I say, I’m always happy to help, however I don’t have long as I’ve got something to deal with at this site.

Dr. ██████: Umm.. okay well can you start by telling me where you got your coat from?

SCP-3273-1: Oh this thing? Yeah its nice isn’t it? It was actually a gift! Would ya believe it, from the Prime Minister of SCP-1678.

Dr. ██████: Wait? How do you know so much about the Foundation and SCPs, also isn’t SCP-1678 considered hostile to anyone not from it?

SCP-3273-1: Well you see actually we helped them out with something way back when, they were hostile at first you see, but then once we eradicated a problem they had we got “military access” as such and this sweet coat. Unfortunately that’s all I’m gonna say about that. They don’t tend to like me talking about them. Also we know a lot more than you think, as we are Foundation personnel.

Dr. ██████: none of you are on file however.

SCP-3273-1: That’s true. But neither is 55’s true appearance. Look, we’re here to help. We’re here to secure, contain, protect. It’s a cause we believe should never have existed. But we’re here to help it.

Dr. ██████: That’s told me nothing.

SCP-3273-1: Fine if I tell you who we are can you take me to where I need to go?

Dr. ██████: Yes.

SCP-3273-1: We’re SCPs, not from this dimension though. We were “neutralised” by another foundation, as we caused too much “trouble” for them. On the way here, we picked up Hollis and Delta. They weren’t meant to die. That’s all I’m gonna say. Okay? Can we go?

Dr. ██████: Yes, fine the information is satisfactory for now. Where do you need taken to?

SCP-3273-1: SCP-682 please. He hasn’t been behaving well.


SCP-3273-1 then proceeded to SCP-682’s containment chamber, where she was thrown in. Observational equipment malfunction so nothing was recorded. After 20 minutes of shouting was heard, large clashing noises were heard across the site. MTFs where on standby for possible containment breach of SCP-682. After additional hour of what is presumed fighting, there was a knock on the chamber door. SCP-3273 emerged and behind was SCP-682 vomiting up a viscous purple liquid next to his dismembered legs.
SCP-3273 said “Remember who created you…” and left.
Since then there have been less occurrences of SCP-682 containment breaches.



Dr. ██████: Please state your name.
SCP-3273-3: Ahem, I’m down here fuckface!

Dr. ██████: Oh I’m sorry. Didn’t realise you were the dog?

SCP-3273-3: That’s just racist you lobotomized dick. Name’s Kectyr.

Dr. ██████: I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend you.

SCP-3273-3: I’m fucking with you! What you want to know?

Dr. ██████: Okay… Well start by telling me why you do what you do?

SCP-3273-3: Well that’s ruining the fun. We go around because we’re on the same side, “secure, contain, protect” you know the motto and all. But we are SCPs within our own right so that kinda gives us the advantage when we tackle other SCPs. Can I have some treats after this?

Dr. ██████: Sure we can definitely arrange that. What do you mean by that?

SCP-3273-3: Well as you know there isn’t just one god, I mean what the foundation must like have over ten, including the Jesus Christ one. But there is a definitive creator as such. He just didn’t create everything like you believe. But everything has an origin, and we’re here to contain the biggest threats.

Dr. ██████: Okay. You’re certainly more cooperative than “Pathfinder”.

SCP-3273-3: She’s always been like that, doesn’t want to over step her bounds even though she’s our commanding officer.

Dr. ██████: Overstep her bounds with who?

SCP-3273-3: Unfortunately I also have bounds, can’t say who. But I can say its with the Foundation, hence most of our equipment has your logos, ‘n shit.

Dr. ██████: What can you say about the rest of your team. We’re finishing up, by the way.

SCP-3273-3: Well, Hollis and Delta didn’t deserve to die, so we picked them up and the’re Foundation skills was considered useful to us. Erika. Well that’s a tough cookie. She’s a sweet girl, but she definitely an individual of her own. Skilled fighter, charismatic, et cetera. We also send her in to deal with the scary shit.

Dr. ██████: Scary shit?

SCP-3273-3: Yeah like SCP-087, that’s how she got those scars, ya’know

Dr. ██████: Wait so what can you tell us about SCP-087?

SCP-3273-3: Sorry. That’d be overstepping my bounds.

Dr. ██████: Okay… Thank you for your cooperation. Now. Who’s a good boy?

SCP-3273-3: Fuck off you gimp, just gimme the treat. *Nom nom*


This was during a containment breach at site ██ where a massive containment breach had occurred. Multiple MTFs ahead been called in to help contain the breach. At 0743 hours on ██████ a red flare was shot up into the sky (supposedly notifying us of their arrival) and German Panzerkampfwagen Ausf, E (tiger tank) with SCP-3273 riding on it was seen outside site █. After large shells were fired at the wall, all 5 members of SCP-3273 dismounted the tank and entered the site. Within the next five hours explosions and gunfire was heard through out the Site. At entrance point of SCP-3273, SCP-███ was seen to be trying to escape before being dragged back in by SCP-3273-2, who was reported to having a smile on her face while the SCP screamed. 3 minutes before detonating Alpha warheads, SCP-3273 turned off alarms and lifted lockdown. Before coming out to report SCP-███ and ███ and ███ had been neutralised and the rest contained.
It was then reported they went to a nearby town to get some soda from a corner store and proceeded to leave the area.


Interview with Captain Hollis, SCP-3273-4

Dr. ██████:*8 Please identify yourself.
SCP-3273-4:** Captain Hollis. Is the rest of my previous team safe? Did.. did I save them?

Dr. ██████: Captain Hollis, I have been authorised to give you such access and yes, SCP-1730 is neutralised. The rest of your team is alive. But I hope you can understand if you can tell me what happened.

SCP-3273-4: After I activated the device I remember just gunfire and crying, and after lots of roars and crashing and gunfire, I just collapsed and gave in crying. But then nothing happened…

Dr. ██████: I understand if this is stressful.

SCP-3273-4: No, no. It’s fine. Anyway, after that I was crying and that was the only noise, until, I heard footsteps and a hand grabbed my shoulder. It was Erika, she got me up and carried me out. On the way out of Site-13 I saw a… what I can only described as a magnificent stag. It stood in this crater in the centre of Site-13, staring at us. There was foundation scientists everywhere scanning and what I assumed was conducting research. When we reached topside a dog came and licked my face, I later found it was Kectyr. But then Erika had to go back in and I was briefed by what they could best described as what happened. The site traveled to another dimension and “Traitorguard” eliminated the SCPs and saved me. They had so much technology in that world it would’ve been fascinating to you.

Dr. ██████: Tell us what happened next.

SCP-3273-4: Well, after that I was interviewed and asked to join their MTF. I agreed, it’s the only life I really knew. And the drugs over there eliminated symptoms of PTSD entirely. And after that we came back here later on, to this dimension again, although I’m not sure why.

Dr. ██████: Are you held against your will?

SCP-3273-4: No! Definitely not, they take care of me and I’m honored to serve with them. Umm…
Dr. ██████: Yes?

SCP-3273-4: I have a request.

Dr. ██████: What is it, but I should tell you, it will have to be approved by 05-command.

SCP-3273-4: Can I speak with T-5 Onru?


SCP-3273-4’s request has received approval under supervision. *T-5 Onru has been notified in advance and is excited, but confused towards their meeting.