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SCP-4XXX-1; image taken from Researcher Lang's DMU

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: One agent and one researcher will be assigned to the house containing SCP-4XXX at all times, posing as an unmarried couple. Normal undercover procedures are to be followed for swapping out personnel at the location. The room containing SCP-4XXX is to be locked at all times, and only authorized testing personnel are allowed inside. Sleeping on the 2nd floor of the house is not permitted, and individuals assigned to the house are required to contact their supervising team at Site 24 if they enter SCP-4XXX while sleeping in an area of the house not previously known to be affected by the anomaly.

Description: SCP-4XXX is an anomalous pocket dimension located within a 2nd floor bedroom in a house located at ████ Kommenvej, Viborg, Denmark. The dimension can be entered by sleeping in that room, though entry is only guaranteed if the sleeping individual is already aware of it. Individuals not aware of SCP-4XXX, or at least unaware of its properties, have an approximately 7.5% chance of entering the anomaly while sleeping. Researchers are still trying to determine the factors that allow entry into SCP-4XXX without prior awareness.

The inside of SCP-4XXX resembles a large dreamscape of various locations, many similar to locations in the real world. Physics within these locations can vary, though mostly coincides with real world physics. Entities resembling blurry people within SCP-4XXX will speak towards individuals within the anomaly, but will not actually engage in conversation. The research team currently believes that these entities are part of the anomaly, and not real people trapped within. Most commercial and public buildings can be entered, but many houses and industrial buildings are locked, lacking any entry point, or are otherwise impenetrable.

The nature of SCP-4XXX is considered to be benign overall, though some areas within do contain hazards and hostile creatures. Attacks by these creatures are not dangerous, though they almost always result in the sleeping person waking up and leaving SCP-4XXX. Harm caused to individuals within the anomaly generally does not carry over to their physical bodies, with rare exceptions resulting in very minor bruises or scratches appearing.

Despite its dream-like qualities, the locations within SCP-4XXX are consistent enough to be mapped, with few exceptions. The research team for SCP-4XXX is still in the process of mapping out the anomaly, though its sheer size makes completion of this task uncertain. Important locations and their descriptions can be found in the table below. Be advised that all text within SCP-4XXX is illegible, so the research team has given their own names to each area. Maps of the known areas of SCP-4XXX are to be memorized by any individuals assigned to explore the anomaly.

Location Description
The Hub Mall An enormous mall, larger than any of its possible real world counterparts. It is the entry point for anyone accessing SCP-4XXX, though individuals entering the anomaly can find themselves in nearly any part of the structure. The mall contains 24 food courts, and approximately 1400 stores, though these can fluctuate, and many of the stores are difficult to perceive and impossible to enter. One wing contains an exhibit featuring live dinosaurs; the carnivores are mildly aggressive and should be avoided. The mall also has a very large parking garage, which has gone mostly unexplored due to the lack of lighting and sightings of possibly hostile, unknown creatures moving through the dark. Many researchers have been chased away from this area by a large black dog that will bark continuously until they have left. All other areas are considered to be safe.
The Eastern Zoo One of several zoos within SCP-4XXX, this one is notable for its size, lack of barriers between animals, and for its aquatic mammal exhibit, where swimming with beluga whales is permitted by the entities acting as employees. All zoo animals within SCP-4XXX behave similarly to real animals, though are generally less aggressive. Hippos are still to be avoided at all costs.
The Library Museum Secondary School A large secondary school with a vast parking lot surrounding it. The school contains a public library, as well as a fairly large museum in its lower levels. The museum's focus appears to be on larger mammals from the Paleolithic era such as Glyptodon and Megatherium. No dangers reported, though the research team has reported their clothes sometimes disappear spontaneously within the building, and they will often experience feelings of being tardy for an unknown class
████████ ███ Supermarket A medium-sized grocery store. Comparable to real supermarkets, except that ████████ ███ soft drink products are haphazardly placed throughout the store. No dangers reported, notable only for having the only readable text in SCP-4XXX.
Xenohood A large, suburban area of aesthetically pleasing houses adjacent to a small commercial area with several shops and an abnormally large store that sells only spices and seasonings. Area is to be avoided completely, as several researchers have been attacked by creatures resembling xenomorphs from the Alien film franchise. These may be the same creatures inhabiting the parking garage of the Hub Mall. On occasion researchers approaching the area have encountered a large mass of unknown material that will float towards them until it makes contact. When this happens, they are teleported to another region of SCP-4XXX.
Lakeshore A long street sparsely populated by modest, well kept houses. All houses on the street can be entered, and most have unconventional architecture on the inside that doesn't correspond to the outside appearance. Though most of Lakeshore is sunny and considered inviting and pleasant, it contains the only area of SCP-4XXX where the time of day changes to night; a single, small blue house tucked away from all other properties, which elicits feelings of fear when viewed. This northernmost point of Lakeshore should be avoided, as it is patrolled by a hostile, humanoid entity capable of causing bruises to an individual's body in the real world. Only one member of the testing team has been able to enter the house, before being chased out by the patrolling entity. He noted an immense feeling of fear inside the house, and was more than happy to be chased out.
Downtown Highway An odd area, notable for its confusing layout of highways intermixed with shops and office buildings. No dangers noted, but individuals in this area were capable of jumping abnormally high, and sometimes able to sustain flight after jumping.
Neighbearhood A normal looking neighborhood, notable for preventing individuals from running quickly. Should be avoided, as its only inhabitant is a large, aggressive brown bear that attacks any person it sees. Two researchers have reported sighting a large mass of unknown symbols chasing the bear away.
Everything, Inc. A massive, sprawling structure that sometimes appears in an area west of the Hub Mall that is otherwise inhabited by non-hostile dinosaurs. This structure contains a public pool, multiple indoor waterpark, a movie theater, a virtual reality gaming area, portions of a secondary school locker room, several apartments, and confusing array of corridors and stairways. No dangers reported, though it is very easy to get lost inside the structure. Contains the only known way to access the Maine area of SCP-4XXX.
The Train Station A large train station with an unusual layout. Researchers are currently trying to determine if it can be used to travel to other, unknown parts of SCP-4XXX. These efforts have been unsuccessful so far, as it involves standing in line with humanoid entities for long periods of time, and communicating with the entities manning the ticket counter has been impossible.
Maine A rural area, notable for the entity designated SCP-4XXX-1 that was first encountered there. Communication with this entity is ongoing, and is considered to be a priority in the research of SCP-4XXX

Addendum 1: Request made for monitoring and imaging equipment capable of creating images from the brain patterns of sleeping individuals.

Addendum 2: Request granted. Four Dream Monitoring Units (DMU) approved for use in testing SCP-4XXX.

Addendum 3: On ██/██/████, researchers within SCP-4XXX stumbled upon a hidden area of SCP-4XXX accessible through the structure referred to as "Everything, Inc." This area was named "Maine" due to the bait shops decorated with lobster imagery throughout. There they encountered a non-hostile entity capable of conversing with them directly. Interactions with SCP-4XXX-1 have been documented below.

Addendum 4: After the initial encounter with SCP-4XXX-1, Agent Marta Brivio was assigned to the SCP-4XXX research team to attempt further communication. Agent Brivio was chosen for her eidetic memory and skills in interrogation and persuasion. Agent Brivio was able to locate SCP-4XXX-1 in the same location as it was previously found. She documented her interactions with the entity below.

Addendum 5: After SCP-3674 took control of Site 24's Sector H, similarities were noted between the entities responsible, and SCP-4XXX-1. This changed Agent Brivio's line of questioning in subsequent communications.

After this, SCP-4XXX-1 could no longer be found in Maine within SCP-4XXX.

Addendum 6: On ██/██/████, two days after the entities occupying Sector H disappeared, the research team for SCP-4XXX reported a sighting of SCP-4XXX-1 within the anomaly again. Researcher Lang discovered it could be seen far in the distance, in an unmapped area of SCP-4XXX. Attempts to reach that part of the anomaly have been unsuccessful so far.