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SCP-xxxx-1 - Photograph taken during Expedition xxxx-3

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: Unnecessary.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a 2km2 region in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia that is only accessible when traveled to on foot. All attempts to use satellites, aircraft, or long-range surveillance to observe SCP-xxxx have failed as staff and equipment are unable to find the location. Motor vehicles are able to approach SCP-xxxx's border but will exhibit mechanical issues that prevent continued use once they cross the border into the anomalous area. The space within SCP-xxxx is significantly greater in size than its external perimeter, but has yet to be accurately measured.

When a person hikes for a total of 14 days within SCP-xxxx, they will eventually encounter SCP-xxxx-1, a small grove of unhealthy-appearing Red Oak trees (Quercus rubra). A person's walking pace and direction do not affect their eventual arrival at SCP-xxxx-1. A large number of runic symbols have been etched onto the trees. The symbols are similar to those seen in Proto-Germanic languages, but aspects of Proto-Slavic symbols have been identified as well. Upon leaving SCP-xxxx-1, persons may travel to any location, however all travel takes 14 days, regardless of distance.

Subjects who have traveled extreme distances when leaving SCP-xxxx-1 are often unable to recall how exactly they managed to arrive at their locations or what the terrain was like during their travel. Generally, they claim to have experienced pleasant weather and enjoyed their trips, but don't actively wish to do it again.

Addendum xxxx-1: A list of noteworthy expeditions into SCP-xxxx has been recorded below.

Expedition 2

Member(s): D-28126

Beginning Location: NW Outpost-2

Direction & Distance Traveled: Unknown direction, Unknown distance

Ending Location/Status: Unknown

Expedition 3

Member(s): MTF Sigma-49 ("Trailblazers")1

Beginning Location: SW Outpost-1

Direction & Distance Traveled: Northeast, 600km

Ending Location/Status: Logistical Site-52, approximately 10km outside of Wheeling, West Virginia

Notes: Sigma-49 discovered D-28126's body just outside of SCP-xxxx-1. He appeared to have died due to exposure. The equipment with the body indicated that he traveled more than 1500km. It is believed that D-28126 misunderstood how the anomaly functioned and unwittingly chose a location still within SCP-xxxx.

Expedition 5 - Ordered by O5-1

Member(s): CTF Alpha-22 ("Order and Restoration")2

Beginning Location: SE Outpost-4, NW Outpost-2

Direction & Distance Traveled: Multiple, 750km

Ending Location/Status: A Chaos Insurgency base outside Depok, Indonesia

Notes: This exploration was a test-case to determine whether SCP-xxxx could be used as a Foundation asset and Thaumiel-Class anomaly. The test was considered a success, as 450 Chaos Insurgency Operatives and their associates were killed by Alpha-22, and 52 anomalies were recovered.

Expedition 12

Member(s): MTF Sigma-49 ("Trailblazers")

Beginning Location: SW Outpost-1

Direction & Distance Traveled: No direction, 675km (50m from border)

Ending Location/Status: ████████

Notes: This expedition served two purposes. Firstly, Sigma-49 were instructed to not travel in a specific direction, but instead walk in circles around their campsite. On the 14th day of this task, all members of the task force wandered away from their campsite and appeared in SCP-xxxx-1.

The second purpose was to determine the extent to which one could travel when leaving SCP-xxxx-1, so a semi-mythical location was chosen. Sigma-49 left the location with their SCUBA gear and arrived safely at what is assumed to be ████████. After activating their response beacons, they were retrieved by the SCPS Atlantis.

Expedition 14 - Ordered by O5-1

Member(s): Two members of MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers")

Beginning Location: NW Outpost-2

Direction & Distance Traveled: South, 500km

Ending Location/Status: Wanderer's Library

Notes: The use of SCP-xxxx allowed to Foundation operatives to successfully infiltrate the Wanderer's Library following the Foundation's loss of access in 20██. The current status of the operatives is unknown.

Staff were informed this expedition was to determine whether travel through SCP-xxxx was capable of crossing dimensional boundaries and bypass restrictions that Foundation resources could not traditionally affect. The O5 Council determined this test a success.

Expedition 15 - Ordered by O5-1

Member(s): ████ █████ O5-1

Beginning Location: NW Outpost-2

Direction & Distance Traveled: [REDACTED]

Ending Location/Status: [REDACTED]

Notes: - ███

The above expedition has been linked to the the ongoing DC-Class (Subclass Archipelago) Scenario. More information can be found in Incident DCA-3

I would say this has been a pleasure, but we all know none of us are going to heaven. I don't believe your project will ever succeed, so I'm going to the real thing.

Following Expedition 16 and the subsequent investigation, the Ethics Committee decommissioned SCP-xxxx. Please read the Decommission statement for more information.

(This will be on a separate page, as I'm trying to emulate the old decommissioned articles.)

Decommission Statement

By order of the Ethics Committee

The following statement concerning the Overseer Council and SCP-xxxx along with SCP-xxxx's documentation has been made available to all Foundation employees.

Let this be a warning.

This organization has a long lived under a very careful, almost invisible balance of power. The O5 Command run the organization and do whatever is needed to keep the world safe. And we are an outlet to help the employees feel safe with their own ethics and morals. But humans are inherently selfish. And the Overseers, despite their best efforts, are still human.

In an ideal world, the Overseers decide what the Foundation should do. They'll decide where to focus our resources, what's safe for the world, and what's best for the Foundation. And we advise them on this. But this isn't an ideal world, and they had been seeking our input on matters less and less. This violated the contracted that was written to curtail the O5s' power, so we began to observe them. We took note of their comings and goings. We recorded their votes, their projects, and their personal goals. This investigation has revealed one very key and distressing fact.

The O5 Command no longer cares about humanity and has betrayed the Foundation.

Approximately fifteen months after

Further proof

The EC provide some communications between a few O5s that show them discussing that they don't want to go to an afterlife that they can't control because they'll be punished for their actions. So they opt to create a new one. They'll just need a sacrifice of sorts.

A vote occurs and passes by a slim margin. Work begins on creating a new afterlife. O5-1 rejects this all, and uses SCP-xxxx to go to the actual heaven. (It's implied Martini Police takes place here.)

DC-Class (Subclass: Archipelago) Begins

Because of the actions in Martini Police, the second earth appears. Foundation scientists also notice a massive uptick in Akiva radiation. The O5 Council begins to panic, as O5-1 is gone, O5-3 and O5-4 aren't responding to notices, and the uptick in radiation means that their afterlife project will be more complicated. Additionally, they aren't getting any responses from their alternate dimensional contacts. They may need to turn Earth itself into their afterlife.

A twist!

One appears back on earth, but speaking in a language that no one can understand. It seems to be close to ancient greek, but with a number of variations. He is found wandering towards Facility T, with the implication that he appeared back on earth. The EC capture him and are able to communicate with him, where he reveals that he tried to hide from the Abrahamic god. He was quickly discovered, and was cursed with the same curse of an ancient king (Nebuchadnezzar), causing him to lose all languages. Earth was subsequently cast from God's favor and all beings were forbidden from entering heaven.

EC freezes the assets of all O5 members, and simply takes the assets that can't be frozen.


Due to gross violations of ethics and a betrayal of humanity, EC firebombs SCP-xxxx and removes it from existence.