Item #: SCP-3274

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3274 is to be kept in a relatively small cell to restrict any of its hunting steps as SCP-3274 will dislocate anything around a proximity of a 32 meter radius when step-hunting once every 14hours and 20minutes causing anyone effected by its hunted steps to be teared apart in the process. A system of measure is maintained as a stict way of isolating SCP-3274 from doing any further damages.

Description: SCP-3274 is a 2 dimensional cardboard cutout with the irregular shape of an asymmetric jester measuring the size of a door; SCP-3274 is incapable of showing or manifesting hostility towards any individuals and seems to be completely devoid of life. SCP-3274 cannot communicate or be involved with anyone, say something in reply or interact and undergo chemical or physical changes through authoritative instruction but seems to grasp mentally; understand or encompass none the less.

No profound discoveries of SCP-3274 have been explored, SCP-3274 as never made or been accompanied by any sound and does not seem to shown signs of nervousness, anger or emotions in particular but gives off they impression of being fully sentient. It as been perceived and registered as being significantly able of changing the angle of it's pie-cut drawn eyes when focusing on someone moving at a regular pace.

SCP-3274 is unable to make soft or confidential tones or talk in order to reprove or advise; It is not known if SCP-3274 has a belonging to a consciousness.