Item #: SCP-3871

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3871 is to be locked in a 2 by 2m cell that is minimally decent to its standards. No personnel are to enter with what it could interfere with such as: eletronic devices, journals, books..or art concepts.

Description: SCP-3871 is a 2 dimensional fictional character capable of splitting its own body parts into pieces and control them by levitating them away from its main body. SCP-3871 is immune to wichever inciscions made on it as their freely capable of pulling their body back together at will, SCP-3871 as not been perceived to possess vital organs or suffered from injuries and blood loss. SCP-3871 as been noted as unkillable through any means.

SCP-3871 seems to possess a body that is not only strictly limited to being 2 dimensional when looking infront of it, its back side is nonexistent wich makes it potentially invulnerable and intangible. SCP-3871 is capable of dragging and carrying back objects or other fictional characters of its interest, SCP-3871 is derisive and cynical to whoever it speaks or responds to but may attempt to share multiple conversations with said individuals.

Its advised not to underestimate SCP-3871s nature as it will use sarcasm and irony to its advantage, SCP-3871 will act celebratory to whatever it says and is usually the main cause of hypocritical situations personnel may get into.

SCP-3871 as been described as facetious and frivolous in appereance and behavior, it seems to be completely indifferent to its surroundings aswell as informal in nature. Despite being farcial SCP-3871 seems to be completely forthright in what it does, SCP-3871 as been noted to be fully hollow and insipid throughout the course of researchs. SCP-3871 as been observed as peaceful to encounters with personnel but nonchalant to whoever it mocks, SCP-3874 as contented no more than what it had.