SCP-5089 (Cadillac and Warehouse)

Item #: SCP-5089

Object Class: Euclid, previously Safe (see Addendum 5089-1)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5089-A is to be monitored by an armed Foundation helicopter at all times. It will maintain an altitude of 100m and stay 25m in front of SCP-5089-A. No vehicle may close within 10m of SCP-5089-A. Law enforcement is not to engage SCP-5089-A at any time. If anyone engages pursuit with SCP-5089-A, they are to be terminated. (see Addendum 5089-2).

No personnel may enter SCP-5089-B’s vicinity at any time. Anyone caught near SCP-5089-B are to be terminated, and civilians are ordered to stay away from SCP-5089-B's vicinity. A perimeter has been established. (see Addendum 5089-3). Aerial observation of SCP-5089-B is permitted, but no personnel may enter SCP-5089-B's vicinity from the ground.

Description: SCP-5089 consists of two objects:

SCP-5089-A: A 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo
SCP-5089-B: A warehouse in the ███████ district of ███ █████████, California.

SCP-5089-A is a 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo sedan, painted in the Regal Silver color, which was typical on the model at the time. The tires are black rimmed with little damage. The windows are darkened so that no light can pass through. The vehicle possesses a New York license plate, issued in 1969, reading 9587-8B. It is unknown what the plate means, but when the registry was run through the New York license plate database, no such match was found. The chrome bumpers, rims, and side panels are all polished and have minimal wear.

SCP-5089-A appears to be resistant to all projectiles and weapons. Large caliber rifles failed to penetrate the windscreen glass of SCP-5089-A or damage the body aside from scratching off the paint. The paint on SCP-5089-A appears to be new and polished, but is actually brittle and aging. When SCP-5089-A is hit by any object, the paint will peel off, revealing the frame of the car, which is in an advanced stage of corrosion. However, the composition of the paint or the car itself is unknown, as the paint will disintegrate into dust when touched.

When any vehicle containing law enforcement of any kind, including Foundation personnel, closes to 5m, SCP-5089-A will rev its engine and accelerate rapidly, attempting to evade the vehicle, now classed as SCP-5089-2. The driver of SCP-5089-2 will feel inclined to chase SCP-5089-A, ignoring orders from others. During the chase, SCP-5089-A will ignore any traffic or obstacles in its way, plowing through them as if they did not exist. SCP-5089-A will lead SCP-5089-2 to SCP-5089-B, when SCP-5089-A will stop fully. SCP-5089-A will proceed to enter a violent state, ramming SCP-5089-B until its occupants are killed.

No damage is reported on SCP-5089-A when it rams another vehicle, but will take damage if it collides with a building or other obstacle. When damaged, SCP-5089-A will drive at the same speed and efficiency as before. However, within 24 hours, all damage delivered to SCP-5089-A will have been repaired, and any data (photographs, videos, etc.) of SCP-5089-A in its damaged state, will show no damage to SCP-5089-A.

It has been reported that after SCP-5089-A kills somebody, it will drive slower than usual and its suspension will sink lower to the ground for 72 hours. It has been hypothesized that SCP-5089-A is sentient and that it feels guilt for ending a living object’s life out of defense of SCP-5089-B. However, little evidence backs this claim, and the real cause of the phenomenon is unknown.

SCP-5089-B is a warehouse located in the ███████ district of ███ █████████, California. SCP-5089-B has no street address and is not locatable on map services. Any attempt to locate SCP-5089-B on a map service will result in an error message, stating the place that the user requested does not exist. The exterior is made of brick and the windows are covered in sheet metal. Metal pipes run outside of the building, presumably for water. A chain link fence runs along the perimeter of SCP-5089-B. The fence is in an advanced state of corrosion and barbed wire tops the fence. The interior layout of SCP-5089-B is unknown.

Graffiti covers parts of the walls of SCP-5089-B. Unlike normal graffiti, the words on SCP-5089-B's walls appear to be neatly written. The words also appear to be in Latin, as the spray-painted symbols match up to similar characters of Latin. The words read as follows:

MCMLXVII (Translation: 1967)
Hostem repellas longius, (Translation: Drive far)
nec subsisto (Translation: no stop)
qua ratione detester auctoritates (Translation: defy authorities)

The meaning of these phrases have been tied to SCP-5089-A, as 1967 is the make year of SCP-5089-A's appearance, a 1967 Cadillac. SCP-5089-A has been reported to almost never stop, drives long distances without stopping, and attempts to flee from authorities.

Discovery: SCP-5089-A was discovered when an officer of the ███ █████████ Police Department reported he was in pursuit of a speeding Cadillac. The vehicle supposedly attempted to flee when Officer █████ pulled up behind SCP-5089-A at an intersection. Shortly after, said officer began pursuit, clocking SCP-5089-A’s speed as they drove. SCP-5089-A was reported traveling at speeds excess of 200 kilometers per hour, far past the regular speed limit of a Fleetwood Limo. Officer █████ radioed for backup, however, this did not arrive. The chase lasted 43 minutes, when at the 41 minute mark, SCP-5089-A lead Officer █████ to SCP-5089-B, turned around swiftly, and rammed Officer █████’s car. SCP-5089-A rammed the police cruiser 37 times, killing Officer █████ and destroying the car. Later, it was discovered that Officer █████ ignored orders to not engage.

SCP-5089-B was discovered when a police squad from the SFPD followed SCP-5089-A to SCP-5089-B. SCP-5089-A was observed fully stopped for the first time. Moments later, SCP-5089-A shined its high beams, entered its violent state, and rushed towards the police car. Officer ████ attempted to drive away, but was outrun by SCP-5089-A’s speed and his vehicle was run into a lampost, killing both occupants. No civilians were present in the area.

Addendum - 5089-1: SCP-5089 is now classed as Euclid due to the death of five police officers, seventeen civilians, and seven Foundation personnel from chases with SCP-5089-A and attempts at exploration of SCP-5089-B. After the death of the civilians, a cover story was sent out, stating it was a “rogue driver” and that police are hunting for him. No further expeditions may be conducted to SCP-5089-B, and no attempts to contain SCP-5089-A will occur.

Addendum - 5089-2: Any personnel within 10m of SCP-5089-A will be advised to withdraw as soon as possible. If chase is initiated, either by accident or intentionally, the person(s) who engaged the chase are to be terminated as soon as possible to prevent civilian deaths.

Addendum - 5089-3: A cover story has been sent out to keep civilians away from SCP-5089-B, stating that the area has been a site of a horrific accident. A semi-permanent perimeter consisting of road-blocks and 24 hour police watch has been established 200m away from SCP-5089-B to prevent access. Due to SCP-5089-B being located in the ███████ district of ███ █████████, there are no residences to speak of. All businesses in the area have been relocated elsewhere by local authority.