Item #: SCP-5093

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5093 is to be contained within a 10mx10m containment cell. Under no circumstance will SCP-5093 be brought to an outdoor location. Should SCP-5093 be caught outside, containment

Description: SCP-5093 is a World War II era Nebelwerfer 21 rocket artillery piece mounted on a two-wheeled carriage. SCP-5093 is painted in a green tone with black rubber tires. Some of SCP-5093's paint has peeled off, revealing an advanced stage of corrosion.

When SCP-5093 is introduced to an open space, SCP-5093 will fire a series of three to 72 rockets at a random location. SCP-5093 appears to prefer densely populated regions. Rockets fired from SCP-5093 are reported to fly as far as seventeen miles and produce an explosion equal to that of a 20 ton atomic device. Once SCP-5093's rockets are fired, SCP-5093 will idle for 10-15 minutes and fire another barrage of rockets. Efforts to contain SCP-5093 while it is firing have proven unsuccessful.