Tristan Deters
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Item #:SCP-3472

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-3472 is currently contained in a 1x1x1 meter wooden box in the lower level of Site-███. In the event of a containment failure, D-Class personnel equipped with oven mitts with at least 2.5 milligrams of wool should be sent to place SCP-3472 in another box, or, failing that, in a standard humanoid containment area. SCP-3472 and its container must be examined by D-Class personnel every 48 hours, to check for cracks, breaks, etc. All personnel are required to wear wool oven mittens when within 5 meters of the containment area.

Description:SCP-3472 is a 30 cm wide ceramic plate, appearing to be from the 19██’s era. The outer edge of the plate has decorative roses, lilies, and other flora. The creator of the plate is currently unknown to the Foundation.
SCP-3472’s anomalous effects manifest when a living human(hereafter referred to as SCP-3472-1)comes within 80 centimeters of it. SCP-3472 produces a plate of SCP-3472-1’s “favorite food”, with a low-level compulsion to eat said food.1 Interestingly enough, whatever has been generated(regardless of how SCP-3472-1 prefers it)will be at a temperature of 50° Celcius. After SCP-3472-1 consumes said food, the plate generates another instance of SCP-3472-1’s favorite food, with a stronger compulsion to eat said food. This process will repeat until SCP-3472-1 either kills themselves through eating(through SCP-3472-1’s stomach bursting) or until they are forcibly removed from the area of effect. Humans wearing wool cloth oven mitts (with at least 2.5 milligrams of wool) are able to enter SCP-3472’s area of effect without triggering SCP-3472’s anomalous effects.
Addendum: SCP-3472 was discovered in the 19██ in an Italian establishment by the name of ██████. It was first encountered by the German businessman Theo Riedl, as he was dining on pasta. Witnesses report the plate as “Oddly attractive”. This was enough to merit Foundation curiosity, and a field agent was sent to the restaurant. Further investigation revealed a string of deaths, with causes of split stomachs and asphyxiation. As Agent ███ reports, SCP-3472 caused multiple issues inside of the establishment, including rapid gathering around SCP-3472. Through further testing, the Foundation has found that wearing cloth oven mitts with at least 2.5 milligrams of wool on them(embroidery, etc.) somehow affects the power of the anomalous effects manifested by SCP-3472. Through this testing, 1█ D-Class personnel were harmed while testing the quantity of wool needed to successfully affect the power of SCP-3472 sufficiently enough to stop the anomalous reactions.

Test 3472 A - 19██

Subject: D-Class(D-5392)
Procedure D-5392 was asked to enter the vicinity of SCP-3472 with only a small stitching of wool on the left oven mitten. An iron door was shut and bolted behind D-5392. D-5392 was then asked to attempt to eat the substance that would appear when he was locked in. D-5392 needed to attempt to exit the vicinity of SCP-3472 before another food item would appear.
Results As D-5392 was locked inside of SCP-3472’s vicinity, he recorded that he was slightly attracted to SCP-3472, and a slight urge to eat the popular snack food Doritos. As he started to eat this food, he felt a stronger urge to eat every bite. By the end of the bag, he was not able to pull himself away from these Doritos. He ate, and ate, and ate, until finally D-5392 passed out of dehydration, and failure of the lungs.
Analysis As D-5392 has recorded, only a small amount of wool affects the urges emitted of SCP-3472. SCP-3472 will appear as any food in this universe, although the Foundation has not yet tested foods outside of this world. Although D-5392 was not strongly attracted, it became clear that SCP-3472 was much stronger and deadly than ever thought before.