[[the wireframe dimension]]

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Item #: SCP-3961

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: all existing SCP-3961 files1 in this dimension must be preserved using [REDACTED], monitoring must be consistent to avoid any of its anomalies to evolve. In an event of SCP-3961-2s breaching containment, Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 (Skynet) Must monitor and detain all 3961-2s that have breached containment.

Description: SCP-3961 is an alternate dimension that is made out of wireframes, similar to those of modelling programs, such as [REDACTED]. It also shows that the dimension has the ability to clone biological substances, in the form of wireframes.

Addendum 3962-A: A series of exploration tests were made during initial containment, multiple D-class personnel was used.


D-308, D-214, D-578, and D-769 (hereafter subjects) was instructed to open file 3961 and download the link. All subjects then instructed to [REDACTED], all successfully transferred into alternate dimension. Terrain appears to be hills, all with wireframe constructs.



D-308: Okay, what the fuck is this, command? An alternate dimension? You didn't tell us anything about this.

D-214: Clearly an alternate dimension made out of wireframes. I've been a modeller before I became a hacker. And I know how to model terrains pretty well. This…Thing we're walking on? It's pretty decent.

D-578: Is that a…

D-769: Uhh guys? Are we seeing the same thing?

D-214: Yep, that's an actual house right there, made out of wireframes.

D-308: Hey command, can we check what's inside?

Command: Affirmative. Also, please collect soil and air samples for analysis, if possible.

D-308: Nice pun, command, 'cause it's obviously impossible. Everything here is just wires, why would you expect that there's soil?

Command: I only said 'if possible'.

D-308: Okay, okay. I'll try, 'if possible'.

[D-308 scrapes out wires (soil) and contains sample in a standard bottle. Analysis shows that the sample is made out of multiple substances, possibly [DATA EXPUNGED].]

D-308: Hmm…Command, you got it right, my bad. There IS soil.

D-308: And we have it, time for the house.

[Subjects approach house, D-214 opens door, camera feed shows standard furniture, along with a TV, a bowl of fruits, a closet with clothes, all made out of wireframes.]

D-214: Holy shit, we can actually live here!

D-769: Let's just settle down, okay?

[3961-2 walks down the stairs.]

D-214: What the fucking fuck…

[camera feed shows that all instances of 3961-2s are identical to subjects.]

D-578: Did this dimension just clone us?

3961-2 (clone target: D-578, hereafter C-D-578): Who are you?

D-578: And who the fuck are you?

C-D-578: I'm █████.

D-578: How do you know my name!?

C-D-578: 'Cause that's MY damn name!

D-214: Okay guys shut up!

C-D-578: get out now, before others see you.

D-769: There are others? What the fuck, did we go nuts?

D-308: We didn't, it's actually a clone of █████, made purely outta wireframes.

C-D-578: We usually don't welcome outsiders, get out now, before others acknowledge your presence.

D-308: Command, pull us outta here already goddamnit.

Command: Okay, follow my instructions. Open the file, and now there should be a RealWorld.exe. Execute that application of you feel the need to return.

[Subjects executed application, all safely returned into containment chamber.]

The clone said that they don't welcome outsiders, It's a major threat to humanity if they invade. I Hope we don't have to eliminate a whole damn race…

O5 council


D-308, D-214, D-578, and D-769 (hereafter subjects) was instructed to open file 3961 and download the link. All subjects then instructed to [REDACTED], all successfully transferred into alternate dimension. Terrain appears to be an office, with containment chambers, similar to site-██, all with wireframe constructs.



D-308: Right, we're back.

D-214: What is this place?

Command: This…is similar to site-██. You may explore freely, but you'll have to receive class-B amnestics to prevent information leaking out to the public.

D-308: We're gonna get terminated anyways.

D-769: Guys, chill, okay?

D-578: Umm…Scientists roaming the halls?

D-214: Great, more cloned fuckers.

D-578: Scatter and hide until they're gone.

[Subjects remain hidden for 3 minutes.]

D-214: Are they gone yet?

D-308: I think so.

D-769: Why are they so hostile though?

D-308: I dunno. Maybe everything in here is…Inverted.

[D-214's camera feed shows D-308's hand slowly turning into wireframes.]

D-214: Uhh, ████? You there?

D-308: Okay what the fuck? And █████ I'm there, I haven't lost my mind just because of my 'wired' hand.

Command: Subjects, try to stay in this dimension a little bit longer.

D-214: Why would you even ask us to stay if we're turning into fuckin' wireframes!?

Command:Lemme explain.

D-308: No bullshit, command. Let us back outta here or I'll get outta my cell at all costs and fuck you up.

D-578: I think I get what command is talking about. If we stay a bit longer, we'll all turn into wireframes and It'll act like a camouflage.


[[the clown plant]]

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Item #: SCP -3962

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: WIP