SCP-4962 "Perfect Playtool"

Item: SCP-4962

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4962 is to be secured in a large bag, kept inside a large metallic box. The box is secured in a 5x5x5 m cell. Attempts to use it are strictly prohibited, unless if requests are approved by Dr. Miller. Testing of SCP-4962 are to be implemented in a small replica of a badminton court. If SCP-4962 is stolen, retrieval teams are to be deployed.


SCP-4962 is at right corner.

SCP-4962 is a regular-looking badminton racket, measuring 1.5-2m long. The strings appear to have small serrated edges when looked upon a magnifying glass. The shaft appears to have a [REDACTED] logo. The handle has a rubbery texture that adds an extra grip. Anomalous properties begin to exhibit when is handled by a normal person. SCP-4962 appears to predict the shuttlecock's trajectory and makes a move that can counteract the opponent's move and win a game.

The player, designated as SCP-4962-1 seems to follow and finish SCP-4962's goals which is to beat the badminton game. Tests have shown that SCP-4962 seems to improve the abilities of SCP-4962-1 with reports of heightened mobility, increased perception and agility. SCP-4962-1 appears to have an unnatural perception of time and space, allowing the player to move in lightspeed and can slow down time in their environment. Tests have also shown that SCP-4962-1 have experienced slightly homicidal tendencies and will sometimes often to commiting suicide.

Addendum 01: SCP-4962 returns to its dormant state when SCP-4962-1 is terminated.

Addendum 02: SCP-4962 was recovered in a small town of [REDACTED], Manila, Philippines during a sportsfest program on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation agents have released Class A amnestics and left the scene to avoid evidence and any leaked information.1