truthteller1001 My SCP
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Item # --
Object class- Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP is to have a battery removed from it and kept in a fireproof room, Also electricty should be turned off between the times off 03:00 and 03:40. Failure to do so may result in SCP activating and escaping containment.
All personnel must remove any digital time tracking items from their equipment. In an event that the SCP does activate, the room should be hosed down to prevent any fires and all personnel in contact with the SCP must be placed on leave for no less than 3 days.

Description: SCP looks like a regular digital watch with silver color bracelet around it.

Reference: The object itself is generally harmless, causes only mild risk of fire and temporary psychosomatic ilnesses. May also reset other digital watches to time 30:00. Interesting enough, if activated the SCP will teleport to seemingly random locations in 200 meter radius.

This is the log of Dr John █████ shortly after containing the SCP date:…../2003

Time: 03:08
Dr John █████ : Whoa did you see that lightning bolt?
Guard: Where did it come from and why is watch set to 30:00.
Dr John █████: sic the what what you talking bout wgat wat where.
Guard: excuse me?
Dr John █████: sicwhere why wat did u.

*Guard calls for backup and Dr John █████ is placed into quarantine*

The Dr John █████ shortly after recovered and was debriefed and claims that he was in a drunk like state and his vision was tinted blue and yellow.
Interestingly the watch teleported to his car outside the facility, we don't know if it was accidental or delibirate, more research should be carried out to figure out if it is sentient.

Addendum -02

Further research by Dr John █████ indicates that lightning bolt may be related to a physics phenomeon named ball lightning, a similiar effect where a ball of lightning appears out of thin air.

Dr John █████: we should install pressure gauges, thermometers to see if SCP.. changes it's enviroment around him to a enviroment suitable for ball lightning appear or does the lightning bolt appear due to unexplained causes.1

Duplicates of SCP… exist, no duplicates of SCP… were found before 1986.

The first duplicate was found in Paryshiv (Парусхив Cyrillic), Ukrainian SSR 1986

The second duplicate was found in Slavutych (Славутуць Cyrillic), Ukrainian SSR 1990

The third duplicate was found in Krasnoyarsk (Красноярск Cyrillic), Russian Federation in 2003

Currently only the third duplicate (Krasnoyarsk version) is in containment. The 2 other duplicates are in either private possession or have teleported to an inaccesible place.