Item #: SCP-????

object Class: safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be kept in site [DATA EXPUNGED] and in a room which 2 cubic meters in size and shaped in a from of a square. Containment chamber door is to be locked and Access is admitted from Level-2 Personnel or above. If SCP-???? is taken out from its Containment chamber is the site security to be informed.

Description: SCP-???? Is a rectangular wooden box whit 35cm of width, 20cm of depth and 10cm of height. SCP-???? can be easily opened and inside can be found SCP-????-1 and SCP-????-2

SCP-????-1 Is a common looking dice whit dots from 1 to 6 . When SCP-????-1 is thrown it lands always on the side which the thrower want´s. For example if the thrower thinks number 2 , SCP-????-1 Lands on the side which has 2 dots.
If number is higher than 6. Like number 7 or 531 SCP-????-1 will land on the side containing the closest amount of the dots, in this case the side point up will be 6. If the number wanted is 0 of below dice will land on the side whit 1 dot point up. Only The Thrower can effect on the outcome and if the thrower changes his mind it will effect the outcome if SCP-????-1 has not stopped moving.

SCP-????-2 Looks like a common back of cards but if card is pulled from the deck it will be the card the puller want´s it´s to be if now yes pulled from the deck. If the wanted card is not in the deck will the closest matching card available be pulled. For example if heart 3 card is wanted but not available the card pulled will be heart 2 or heart 4. if these card´s are not available will the card be heart 1 or heart 5 and so on. If there is not any hearts craft available will the card be the closest number possible from a another suit. if game like blackjack is played whit the cards. Can the card pack user win 100% of the time if being only one who uses the deck.

If SCP-????-1 or SCP-????-2 is removed from the SCP-???? will they appear back inside SCP-???? after 24H from removal.

Addendum 001 Dr. bright is not allowed to take SCP-???? outside site [DATA EXPUNGED] or use it when gambling.

Addendum 002
SCP-???? has shown to cause gambling addiction.