Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be contained in a small, heavily-weighted cube with inside cushioning to prevent the subject from any movement. Said cube is contained in a locker at Site 85. Subject can only be taken out of containment with permission from the current Site Director.

Only one researcher and the site director at Site 85 may have knowledge of SCP-3XXX's existence, save for the O5 council. Any staff outside of these parameters that learn of the subject's existence are to be administered amnestics immediately or, should the need arise, will be terminated. All staff at Site 85 must be replaced every month.

For testing protocol, see Document 3XXX-TP-01.

Description: SCP-3XXX appears to be a white plastic die measuring 16mm at the edge with black pips. Its corners are rounded and each side is equally balanced, despite the uneven number of pips. SCP-3XXX cannot be damaged, molded, or stained by any known means. Its primary anomalous effect, however, is that once it begins to roll it will continue to roll in place until stopped by another object. Anyone who observes SCP-3XXX in its rolling state will be overtaken by an overwhelming curiosity (known as Dice Syndrome). Subjects report having great difficulty thinking about anything other than SCP-3XXX once they have seen it. This state of mind causes great distress and often disrupts victims' work or recreation. All victims who have been directly affected by Dice Syndrome have later disappeared from their cells, leaving no traces or bodies. The cause of these disappearances is being investigated.

All personnel on Site 85 (within about a 2 kilometer radius of SCP-3XXX) will, over the course of 2-3 months, accumulate a growing curiosity about the object. Eventually, they will succumb to Dice Syndrome, and they will attempt to take the subject out of storage and roll it. This state of curiosity, unlike that of Dice Syndrome, will dissipate while away from Site 85 over the course of up to six months, depending on severity.

Addendum 3XXX-A

The following interview took place following an experiment concerning the effect of Dice Syndrome on a subject's mind.

Interview Log 3XXX-I05
Interviewer: Dr. Richard
Interviewee: D-3XXX-06

Dr. Richard: Interview Log 3XXX-I05. Experiment on Dice Syndrome's effect on humans.

Dr. Richard: Would you please state your number for the log?

D-3XXX-06: I am D-3XXX-06.

Dr. Richard: Thank you. I'd like to begin this interview by asking you what you had for breakfast this morning.

D-3XXX-06: I had breakfast this morning?…Oh. I dunno.

Dr. Richard: Very well. Do you remember what you did after eating breakfast?

D-3XXX-06: I…not really? Why does what I did this morning have to do with the dice?

Dr. Richard: Do you not remember what you did or are you not putting effort into remembering?

D-3XXX-06: I—wait.

D-3XXX-06 begins to scrutinize the walls intently.

D-3XXX-06: What are the circles for?

Dr. Richard: Pardon? What circles?

D-3XXX-06: The circles on the walls. There's a different number on each, one through six. Like the circles on a dice.

Dr. Richard: There are no circles on the walls. We should-

D-3XXX-06: Kind of feels like I'm inside a die. I wonder how I got here.

Dr. Richard: 06, if we could get back to the line of questioning—06? 06? Are you listening?

At this point, 06 had completely lost interest in Dr. Richard and spent the rest of the interview staring at the walls. Despite Dr. Richard's efforts to regain 06's attention, he terminated the interview with a note of frustration after 24 minutes. When security entered the room to move 06 to his cell after Dr. Richard had exited, they found the room empty. All camera footage of the interview room cut out for three seconds as soon as Dr. Richard opened the door.

An interrogation of the two security guards revealed nothing, as they claimed there was no one in the room when they entered. A more thorough investigation of this incident is in process. Of note is that one guard reports that as he was leaving 06's interview room, he faintly heard the words "roll me" whispered into his ear.