newsletter stuff
formatted like "[[link to author DA/twitter/tumblr]] comes up with this cool [[link to artwork]] about [[link to SCP/tale]]"

[ DA user Zhange] did a pretty sweet [ digital art piece] about [ SCP-3700]. Another great piece of hers from this month is [ this picture] about [ SCP-3860] of the [ Anderson Robotics canon]. 

[ DA User Amamidori] brought us [ this pretty sweet rendition] of [ SCP-682] and [ this charming picture] of the [ eyepods]

[ DA User DearKill] gave us a pretty sweet [ pixel art rendition] of [ 516].

[ DA User DrRiverRain] drew [ this colourful piece] of [].

[ DA User PepperPixel] brought us [ this evocative piece] based on [ Are We There Yet?] and a [ profile piece] of [ Dr. Iceberg.]

The ever-popular [ Sunny Clockwork] gave us [ this piece] based on [ doublehorses] in her usual black and white style. Additionally, she gave us this [ menacing Researcher Talloran] from [ SCP-3999] as well as this [ conceptually evocative rendition] of [ The Pattern Screamer].

[ DA User Yurishy] made a trio of [ cleanly designed posters] based on the Foundation in general.

[ DA User DreamingDragons] brought us a [ blood-covered version] of [ SCP-939], based primarily on Containment Breach.

[ DA User Siniiapelsin] gave us this rendition of [ a D-class worker].

[ DA User OasisCommander51] put [ 096] and [] together in [ this piece], an idea we're sure would not result in too many casualties.

[ Perelka L] gave us this artwork of [].

[ Tumblr user Wildragon] drew [ this grinning version] of [ Dr. Clef] and [ another of him] bothering [ Dr. Kondraki].

[ Tumblr user FoundationDown] drew a [ grinning, skateboarding gecko] known as [ SCP-2014].

[ Tumblr user OriginatorArtistry] drew a [ very colourful rendition] of [ SCP-860-3].

[ Tumblr user TheArtisticCatThingy] gave us a [ short comic] about [ Dr. Bright] and [ SCP-963].