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SCP-3XXX in containment

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3XXX is to be stored in a standard safe-class object storage locker in Site-██. Staff wishing to perform tests with SCP-3XXX must submit a written proposal for approval by Dr. ███████.

Update: As of XX XXX 18: SCP-3XXX is to be stored in a high-security object storage locker at Site-██. Access to SCP-3XXX requires approval from at least two (2) level 3 personnel. Tests involving SCP-3XXX on class D personnel now require approval from Dr. █████, director of Site-██.

SCP-3XXX is a bracelet with a silver pendant and clasp made of three braided strips of leather. These strips are black, gray, and brown. Testing has shown that the materials that comprise SCP-3XXX are not anomalous. Destructive testing is currently pending authorization. The origin of its anomalous properties remains unknown.

When worn, SCP-3XXX will give the impression of ‘rewinding’ time by approximately 11 minutes upon the death of the wearer. The wearer will retain any memories gained during the ‘rewound’ time. It is unknown whether SCP-3XXX affects the passage of time, or if it merely gives the appearance of doing so to the wearer. SCP-3XXX will not 'rewind' to a time before the wearer was wearing the object, instead returning to the moment the wearer put on the bracelet. All outside observers do not retain any memories from this ‘rewound’ time.