Tracker’s Black Book
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Item#: XXXX
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Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a Safe Containment Locker within Site-7’s Open Investigation Department. No cross testing or transfers will be approved until the case involving SCP-XXXX is closed. Any individuals attempting to access SCP-XXXX without proper authorization are to be questioned on their knowledge of the Trackers of Nineveh.

Description: SCP-XXXX is one of a series of black journals, used by the GoI going by the name “Trackers of Nineveh”. This journal appears to have some level of sentience, as it will record the actions its owner takes while in their possession. SCP-XXXX’s owner is chosen by writing their name upon the front page. The current owner of the journal appears to be an individual going by the name Matthew Cast, with approximately 347 names being listed before his.

It is believed that the Trackers of Nineveh use these books as a sort of record keeping for their members. Every mission they are assigned having an unbiased record upon its completion. The Trackers themselves are known allies of the Foundation as their familiarity with anomalous hubs grant them information the Foundation couldn’t receive otherwise. Over the past 3 years, many Trackers have been purchased by the Foundation to hunt down anomalies and people of interest. It is suggested that this relationship remains friendly for now as cutting ties with the Trackers of Nineveh could prove detrimental.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was recovered during the fallout of Operation Pearly Gates. Pearly Gates was an investigation into Shelbyville, Texas following the disappearance of Bill Offer, to recover [REDACTED], otherwise know as the Schematics of the Soul. The investigation ended in conflict and the total destruction of the nearby subdivision of Shamrock Shores. [REDACTED] was not recovered but SCP-XXXX was found among the wreckage of the town. Foundation agents believe that the owner, Matthew Cast, stole [REDACTED] due to his connection to the book prior to joining the Trackers of Nineveh. As far as the Foundation knows, Cast has not returned to the Trackers and therefore has not told them what occurred during Operation Pearly Gates.

Addendum XXXX-A - Records of Project Pearly Gates

Following Project Pearly Gates, the Trackers of Nineveh contacted the Foundation, requesting access to SCP-XXXX in order to gather what happened during the conflict. The Foundation denied any knowledge of SCP-XXXX, giving the official statement that no journal was found. This was a necessary lie as releasing an anomaly into the world did not align with the goals of the Foundation. To ease tensions, Foundation Asset Temple gave a full debriefing to Nimrod, leader of the Trackers. The full transcript of this interview can be found here:

Interview Transcript XXXX-A

Interviewer: Nimrod
Interviewee: Special Asset Temple


Nimrod: You ready?

Temple: Yes.

Nimrod: Okay, so why don’t we start from the beginning? What was your team doing in Shelbyville when my Tracker arrived?

Temple: Our mission was to locate [REDACTED].

Nimrod: Yes, my Tracker had the same “mission” but the book was last seen in Cast. Why were you in Shelbyville.

Temple: The Foundation discovered an anomaly two years ago, SCP-7580. During the investigation, they discovered that [REDACTED] was stolen by the Utility Union. A cult based out of Shelbyville.

Nimrod: Utility Union? I’ve never heard of them. [Several seconds of silence pass.] Can you tell me why I’ve never heard of them?

Temple: The group was small, only containing seven members.

Nimrod: “Was”?

Temple: Yes.

Nimrod: No, I mean… [Sighs] Why did you say “was” and not “are”?

Temple: The official story is that all members went missing two ago.

Nimrod: Was this around the same time you discovered 7580?

Temple: Yes.

Nimrod: Did you kill them?

Temple: No.

Nimrod: So they actually just went missing?

Temple: Yes.

Nimrod: Okay, so you knew that Utility Union had the book two years ago but only decided to hunt it down now?

Temple: Yes.

Nimrod: Wow, your conversational skills know no bounds. Why did you wait so long to hunt it down?

Temple: It wasn’t relevant to our primary objective.

Nimrod: Our meaning the Foundation?

Temple: More accurately, Senior Researcher Regan Morgan.

Nimrod: What’s the primary objective?

Temple: Classified.

Nimrod: Fuckin’ hell, I thought I was getting an explanation here!

Temple: The terms of the deal were that we exchange information regarding Operation Pearly Gates. Senior Researcher Regan Morgan has already provided you additional information regarding SCP-7580 in order to provide context. It is well within her right to withhold this information.

Nimrod: [Chuckels] Fine. So you knew about Shelbyville because of 7580. How did Matthew know?

Temple: It is unknown how Cast tracked [REDACTED] to Shelbyville. The current theory is that he already knew about Utility Union due to his time within the nation of Cast.

Nimrod: He never mentioned it. I mean, he mentioned being an heir to Cast and having to flee when war broke out over the missing book, but he never mentioned who took it.

Temple: Regardless, he was there.

Nimrod: When did you first encounter Matthew?

Temple: Cast came to our cabin and told us to stop searching for [REDACTED].

Nimrod: Seems a bit out of character for him.

Temple: It was out of character for all Trackers, as your associates usually refrain from contact when encountering us in the field. We believe Cast may have been acting out of self interest, rather than as a Tracker.

Nimrod: You think Matthew betrayed the oath in favor of taking his people’s religious text and returning to Cast as their king?

Temple: Senior Researcher Regan Morgan thinks that is likely.

Nimrod: And what do you think? You encountered him out there on the field.

Temple: I was not assigned the mission in order to wonder about Cast’s motivations. I was assigned to defend the team following Cast’s attack.

Nimrod: Matthew attacked your team?

Temple: Yes, fighting broke out in Shamrock Shores. A currently unknown individual was protecting [REDACTED] and had a large number of followers with him. While we were pushing through to Shamrock’s church when Cast attacked us. We retaliated.

Nimrod: You fired on Matthew!

Temple: Yes. Unfortunately none of our shots landed and our underestimation of Cast thaumaturgy led to the death of half the team.

Nimrod: I see. I’m sorry about your team.

Temple: I am not on the team, I am an asset.

Nimrod: Well still… sorry.

Temple: Apology accepted.

Nimrod: What happened after the attack?

Temple: Cast pushed forward. We fell behind. He made it to the church before us and engaged a large hostile. This hostile leveled the town during their battle.

Nimrod: Hmm, been a while since I’ve heard of something so biblical. Here I thought razing cities had gone out of fashion.

Temple: Following the battle, Cast was gone, along with [REDACTED].

Nimrod: And you haven’t seen him since?

Temple: No.

Nimrod: And you didn’t find his book?

Temple: No.

Nimrod: Welp, Temple, I can’t really say I believe you but I can’t prove you wrong either. I won’t damage the relationship the Tracks and Foundation have over a hunch.

Temple: Senior Researcher Regan Morgan is happy to hear that.

Nimrod: However, I can’t just let you fire upon my men without repercussions.

Temple: We thought you might feel that way, which is why the Foundation will not hold the Trackers of Nineveh responsible for the deaths of three agents or the destruction of an entire town. We consider this an olive branch.

Nimrod: [Sighs] God, I wasn’t built for these politics. There was a time things were a lot more black and white. There was also a time I’d kill you all for half of what I suspect you of… Fine. We’re even.

Temple: Once again, Senior Researcher Regan Morgan is happy to hear that.

Nimrod: Yes, I’m sure Senior Researcher Regan Morgan is happy to hear that. Give her my regards and tell her I’ll be very happy to conduct my own investigation into Shamrock Shores to ensure everything matches up.

Temple: She wishes you the best of luck.