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The following file is Level 4/4251 classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4251 is to be kept in a warehouse on Site-64 with a detachment of MTF Beta-7 positioned at all possible exits. The detachment and SCP-4251 will be moved to Site-66 at the discretion of the Site Director (see Addendum 4251-1). An airtight seal is to be kept on the containment chamber with dual sets of airlocks and built-in incinerators (See Addendum 4251-2). Access is only permitted with permission from the Site Director. Although all attempts to cease the growth of SCP-4251-3 have been unsuccessful, the bacterium seems to refuse to leave SCP-4251. MTF teams armed with incendiary weapons must be on standby at all times. Teams are to be made up of individuals from MTF Epsilon-9 ("Fire Eaters").

SCP-4251-1's body is to be incinerated at the earliest time possible and kept under daily watch. Tri-daily incineration cycles must take place to burn to as close to 100% of the infection at a time. (See Addendum-4251-3)

SCP-4251-2 is to be kept in a Standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell in Site-64 Site-19 Site-17. She is to be monitored for psychological issues and is to be granted access to on-site therapy if requested. Along with her E.V.A suit must be worn when outside of her cell. (See Addendum-4251-4.).

SCP-4251-3 is to be incinerated at the slightest hint of growth. It is to be kept inside SCP-4251 at all cost. Minimal growth is to be reported to the Project Director. Any major growth, (Growth equal to or above 60% of 4251-1’s body mass is to be reported to the site administrator immediately.

Description: SCP-4251 is a sleek metal spacecraft with the words “Pioneers for the Solar Alliance” on the hull. Only the bridge of the space vessel and a few floors below it remains intact. The vessel is hypothesized to have been very large; possibly large enough to hold a thousand people comfortably.

SCP-4251-1 is an Asian male claiming to be from Earth; He was formerly Foundation personnel SCP-4251-1 was a middle-aged human male of East-Asian descent, approximately 172 cm in height. While in Foundation custody SCP-4251-1 displayed signs of acute stress and emotional instability. SCP-4251-1 professed to have a below average intelligence despite tests indicating that his IQ was less than one standard deviation away from the international average. SCP-4251-1 willingly cooperated with Foundation personnel up to his death (See Addendum 4251-5).

SCP-4251-2 is a young adult female of European descent, approximately 182 cm in height. She claims to be from Earth. While in Foundation custody SCP-4251-2 displayed signs of acute stress and depression. SCP-4251-2 claims to have average intelligence, despite tests indicating that her IQ is above the international average by a significant margin. SCP-4251-2 has been notably unwilling to cooperate with Foundation personnel. As of 05-07-2018 10:00:00, SCP-4251-2 has been placed on suicide watch.

SCP-4251-3 is an anomalous pathogenic bacterium, a list of symptoms including but not limited to extreme flu-like behavior, diarrhea and bronchitis; first discovered in SCP-4251 and the cadaver of SCP-4251-1. The bacterium will cover environments and change the atmosphere in the room it inhabits, producing any and all biological substances to sustain its life cycle. Following the incident after Test D, it has been determined that people from the present time, when exposed to 4251-3, will turn into a thick goo-like substance. People from the future, or the other side of 4251, exposed to 4251-3 will be converted into biological factories to create more of 4251-3.