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Item #: SCP-4387

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4387 is to be contained in a 5x5 meter room with two layer walls with steel & Lead reinforcements & UV-ligts placed between the Walls layers with a triple locked gate with UV-lights inside.

Description: unlike any other SCP's SCP-4387 is to never be terminated since it will only mutate. SCP-4387 is a 4 meter tall Humanoid creature with excesive bone growth and arms with tendrills used for locomotion, Ripped clothing and multible tumors on it's body.


Recovered material from SCP-4387-K. Sketch of 4387 in Stage 1

SCP-4387 was found roaming in a "ghost town" located in [Redacted] Sweden. The town designated SCP-4387-K is a wrecked town that has multible fires and groups of humanoids walking aimleasly around with tumors and ripped clothings
The humanoids designated SCP-4387-H are aggressiv towards pepole, walking slugisly around
SCP-4387 is only visible in the town at night, the cause of this is currently unknown.
Read Addendum 4387-E


Photo of 4387-K

Upon Entering SCP-4387-K subjects have reported feeling "that something is not right" Subjects later reports hearing screams that come from 4387 in the distance even though SCP-4387 is contained
subjects are known about the containment but still hear the screams.

Any photographs taken by a camera of SCP-4387 immediately starts to glow & burn to ashes All attemps to putt out the fire has been lead to failure.

When SCP-4387 spots a prey it will begin to scream loudly charging and pouncing the subject wraping it's tendrills around the subject and eating it alive, then it will eaither eat the remains or use it to build a nest

Addendum: 4387-E SCP-4387 has been observed to "ignite" when come in contact with sunlight or more specificly UV-light, this is being ussed to contain 4387

Incident: 4387-V After a test on 4387 one remainig Class-D that survived a attack by 4387 got escorted out and treated with medical care. After aproximantly 5 hours the subject began to feel intense pain & started having seizures later 5 minutes the class-D began to kneel down towards the same direction of SCP-4387-K and began to scream in pain. Later the class-D was shown to have the exact properties of a SCP-4387-H. The Class-D Killed 2 foundation personnel