Tyrant lizard king


Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 1x1x1m steel chest with a 4 number combination lock with the code ████.
SCP-XXXX may be kept in the cafeteria on request of personnel, but must returned in at most 2 hours.
MUST never come in any contact with SCP-682
SCP-XXXX is a 2ft long, 3in wide, light blue dog food bag with a white label that says "FOOD" in the front-middle. No other markings are found on SCP-XXXX. When introduced to any animal that is hungry, SCP-XXXX will zip itself up, rumble for about 30 seconds, and spill out its full capacity in that specific being's favotite food. It is also said that the scent coming out of SCP-XXXX smells of that same food according to the specific being. SCP-XXXX also seems to be impervious to all forms of damage. If a camera is placed inside SCP-XXXX and is prompted to fill itself, the camera will lose signal and seemingly disappear when re-opened. An transcript of a regulated interaction between SCP-999 and SCP-XXXX at site██/█/████.

Transcipt of SCP-999/SCP-XXXX interaction
SCP-999 Enters the area. It recognizes the scent and goes up to SCP-xxxx.
SCP-xxxx zips itself and starts rumbling.
SCP-999 tries to comfort SCP-xxxx, thinking it's a crying animal. SCP-999 is confused by no response from SCP-xxxx.
SCP-xxxx spills out a mix of M&M's and Frecco wafers.
SCP-999 eats the mix and is taken out by scientists.