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Interrogation Room at Site-19

Item #: SCP-4302

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4302 is to have all its teeth pulled out, it is to be in a straitjacket at all times, and be locked in a padded cell 50m underground. SCP-4302 must be under constant surveillance and special care must be taken to ensure that SCP-4302 is kept alive, all personnel handling SCP-4302 must wear clothing that covers all facets of their skin, and must never speak with SCP-4302.

Description: SCP-4302 is an entity capable of transferring its consciousness into another body upon its death. SCP-4302 is currently contained in Site-19 and is residing in the body of Dr. Schmidt, a 31-year-old Caucasian male.

SCP-4302 is able to form contracts with potential hosts, known as SCP-4302-1, via physical contact, making a contract will result in a drop of blood falling from SCP-4302-1 and leave a permanent stain where it fell. Creating a contract with a host will ensure that SCP-4302's mind transfer is quick and painless; however, if SCP-4302 attempts to transfer its consciousness to someone who isn't SCP-4302-1, the new host will suffer tremendous pain before SCP-4302 fully gains control. When the consciousness of SCP-4302 is completely transferred, SCP-4302 will gain all the memories of its host.

Before reading, all personnel are reminded that SCP-4302 is NOT human, any resemblance to humanity that is shown is to be assumed as a deceptive attempt you gain sympathy and preserve itself