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Item #: SCP-3292

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3292 is to be kept in a 5 by 5 meter standard containment cell with a remote locking blast door (preferably capable of withstanding a nuclear blast from a range of 500 meters) and must be under constant surveillance. A wristband designed to monitor the SCP's cortisol levels is to be worn by the SCP at all times. If the subject's cortisol levels reach 300% their normal levels, Class-5 Fast-Acting Sedatives are to be administered via an injection mechanism within the wristband.

SCP-3292 is to administered necessary amenities along with the administaration of a 20 mg

Item Description: SCP-3292's name is █████ ██████, however will be referred to as "Micheal" for security and convenience. SCP-3292 is a 17 year old male suffers from a severe case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, leaving him often incredibly anxious and stressed.