SCP-Draft by UltraLink729

Item #: xxxx

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked room fitted with Grade-A Extreme Gripforce magnets and Grade-C electromagnetic pulse generators (GCEMPs). The GCEMPs are to be set to generate a pulse every three minutes. There are to be six guards guarding the containment chamber at ALL times. The chamber is to be secured with a non-electrical, hand-operated vault door, only unlockable from the outside. Guards are to be armed with standard Beretta M9 pistols. Guards are to be armed with X14 Heavy Plasma Beam Rifles and miniature portable vacuum cleaners.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the form of an ordinary pile of black dust. This is one of the appearances that SCP-XXXX uses when dormant. Other dormant forms are a black, dusty skeleton, a hardhat, SCP-███, and a document on SCP-████ which does not currently exist. When SCP-XXXX is agitated, it usually takes the form of a slim man wearing clothes that are similar to keyboards. SCP-XXXX rarely speaks. SCP-XXXX's inside, when cut, is lava-red. SCP-XXXX has caused over ██ containment breaches.

Six guards can be seen outside XXXX's cell
The lights flicker.
The guards look around.
Guard ██████: "What was that?"
Guard ████: "I dunno."
Guard ██: "Probably nothing."
Guard ███: "Ahhh ha haaaa."
Guard ██: "The hell did you just do?"
Guards burst into laughter.
The lights go out.
Guard ██: "Uhh… guys?"
Guard ██ is seen raising his pulse rifle.
Guard ███: "Why the hell did the lights just die?"
A metallic bang can be heard
Guard ██: "Ah!"
The lights turn back on.
Unseen Guard: *breathing in relief*
Voice: "Guards, please go to Conference Room ██ immediately. Replacement guards are on their way here now."
Guard ██████: "I guess we go?"
The guards can be seen exiting the room.
Silence and emptiness for about 3 minutes
Camera static
A figure wearing Epsilon-11 Mobile Task Force armor is standing outside the door. The armor and gun however are fully black and spiked.
The figure walks out of the exit. Figure is confirmed to be SCP-XXXX.
SCP-XXXX fires gun and kills [REDACTED] Foundation Personnel.