Uncle Nicolini
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Official Presidential portrait of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: TBW

Description: SCP-XXXX is the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore.

As far as the Foundation can determine, no person by the name of 'Millard Fillmore' existed prior to July 9th, 1850 whereupon SCP-XXXX manifested and became President of the United States, then demanifested on March 4th, 1853. No documents regarding anything but SCP-XXXX exist from within this time period.

Despite the missing time, it was found that most individuals; Foundation personnel and civilians alike possessed similar knowledge of the events of the preceding 3 years. Below is a list of information on SCP-XXXX accumulated by the Foundation.

  • SCP-XXXX attended law school and served in the New York militia.
  • SCP-XXXX became a House Representative for New York's 32nd District and served from 1833-1843.
  • SCP-XXXX became the Comptroller of New York and served from 1848-1849.
  • SCP-XXXX became Zachary Taylor's running mate in the 1848 election.1
  • SCP-XXXX became President of the United States following the death of Zachary Taylor in 1850.
  • SCP-XXXX agreed to the Compromise of 1850.
  • SCP-XXXX ordered Commodore Perry to open Japan for trade with the United States.
  • SCP-XXXX attempted to be re-elected in 1852, but was defeated by Franklin Pierce.

Due to SCP-XXXX's high-profile position and widespread global effects, erasure of SCP-XXXX from the public consciousness was deemed impossible. Adjusting for inflation, the use of global Class B Amnestics, destruction of related documents, monuments, and overall altering of history would cost $2.8 trillion. In an attempt to keep the public from questioning the sudden disappearance of SCP-XXXX, the Foundation proposed a subject may pose as a substitute. Dr. Tenenbaum proposed to seek look-alikes to repurpose utilizing experimental amnestics, but the proposition was vetoed by the Ethics Committee.

Dr. Wondertainment, a Person/Group of Interest approached the Foundation with an offer to create a 'homunculus' to imitate SCP-XXXX. The offer was deliberated on by the O-5 Council, ultimately reaching a 7-6 vote in favor of working with Dr. Wondertainment. Following the signing of a provided contract, SCP-XXXX-β was delivered to Site-19. Information on the entity is available in the attached document below.

In modern times, SCP-XXXX is rarely mentioned by civilians and is largely forgotten. Political analysts believe the entity to have been unqualified for leadership and disastrous for the political climate of the United States, leading to the dissipation of the Whig Party (creating the modern American two-party system) and a rapid escalation in tensions between the North and South, and ultimately; the American Civil War.