??? | Unexplained broadcast

Greetings everyone this is ???-broadcast telling you what's up for the future


So want know what those threating GOIs do behind there back? Want know what the new savior of the foundation and how the ??? can remove those threats from the foundation? | Well sit back and listen.

This is the ??? broadcast today there has been a new savor of the foundation. | A new GOI by the name of ??? has created another reality to set back and try remove all GOIs that pose a threat to the foundation. Remember ??? means. Mysterious | Unknown | Unexplained. | Now are founder of the ??? was in a bad accident resulting in the founder of the ??? to become some kind of god or scp. | So please remember the founder of the ??? and how the founder was and how he helped the millions of personnel and sadly turned into scp-???. | report-1 we will create other realities and in those realities we will protect the foundation from any on coming GOI threat. [END LOG]