Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard storage locker at Site-17.
Any site personnel who require the use of SCP-XXXX must file a request to Dr. Jager Carriff, and be approved by at least two (2) Level III on-site security personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a standard Type CDV-715 Geiger counter, and will act so under most conditions. However, when the user suspects or understands SCP-XXXX's anomolous properties, SCP-XXXX will exhibit them. When SCP-XXXX is activated, rather than detecting radiation levels, it will detect "danger" levels. The exact algorithm SCP-XXXX uses to figure any subject's danger levels are currently unknown, but seems to accurately detect exactly how threatening any subject is towards the subject scanning it. SCP-XXXX does seem to look at a variety of characteristics to come to its conclusion. Namely,

  • A subject's history
  • A subject's mental health
  • A subject's relationship with the user of SCP-XXXX
  • A subject's current thoughts/intents. SCP-XXXX seems to be able to tap into any subject's mind, by what method is unknown.
  • A subject's speech and action

When it does this, SCP-XXXX seems to convert danger levels to CPM, as it's the only unit SCP-XXXX can measure in. Tests where the user of SCP-XXXX was killed or fatally threatened by the object being scanned, SCP-XXXX measured a lethal dose of CPM.


Test XXXX-01 Log
Conditions: Dr. Jager uses SCP-XXXX to scan D-3629. D-3629 has expressed extreme hatred towards Dr. Jager. D-3629 is a confirmed psychopath and serial killer. Overseen by Researcher █████ and Dr. Carriff.
Procedure: Dr. Jager used SCP-XXXX to scan D-3629. SCP-XXXX read █████ CPM when scanning D-3629. D-3629 questions the use of SCP-XXXX. Dr. Jager does not answer. D-3629 grabs SCP-XXXX and uses it to continuously hack Dr. Jager in the head until he exhibits no life signs. Security personnel enter the room and terminate D-3629.
Conclusion: SCP-XXXX is definitely accurate. -Dr. Carriff

Test XXXX-02 Log
Conditions: D-4177 uses SCP-XXXX to scan a knife. The knife in question was involved in multiple murders. Overseen by Researcher █████ and Dr. Carriff.
Procedure: D-4177 was instructed to pick up SCP-XXXX and use it to scan the knife. SCP-XXXX shows a reading of 120 CPM.
Conclusion: I don't know what went wrong. Maybe the knife is "harmless", maybe SCP-XXXX has limited uses, in which case we should consider it Neutralized, or maybe it only activates under certain conditions. I request approval for further testing. -Dr. Carriff

Test XXXX-03 Log
Conditions: D-4260 uses SCP-XXXX to scan a knife. The knife in question was involved in multiple murders. D-4290 is informed of the history of the knife, and the anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX. Overseen by Researcher █████ and Dr. Carriff.
Procedure: D-4260 was instructed to pick up SCP-XXXX and use it to scan the knife. SCP-XXXX read 0 CPM. Security personnel enter the room and remove SCP-XXXX, D-4260, and the knife.
Conclusion: That's interesting. I think inanimate objects aren't dangerous to SCP-XXXX, and it's properties only manifest when the user is aware. This probably means SCP-XXXX was created, but that's besides this test. -Dr. Carriff.

Test XXXX-04 Log
Conditions: D-4294 uses SPC-XXXX to scan multiple parts of a prototype ██-█1 auto-turret. The turret is set to fire on D-4294 when activated.
Procedure: D-4294 uses SCP-XXXX to scan the barrel, ammunition box, [REDACTED], and base of the turret. SCP-XXXX read ████ CPM for all parts except the base, which read 2 CPM. D-4294 questions Dr. Carriff's intentions. Dr. Carriff does not respond. D-4294 attempts to disassemble destroy the turret using SCP-XXXX, but does minimal damage to either. The turret is activated and fires upon D-4294, and [REDACTED]. The turret is deactivated , and security personnel remove D-4294's remains and SCP-XXXX.
Conclusion: That was a well executed test for SCP-XXXX. I think that should be it for testing SCP-XXXX, we already have all the information we need. Now, [REDACTED] -Dr. Carriff