The Battery Rodent
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A camera capturing the moment of the electrical discharge, destroying the factory. Image has been manipulated for the viewer's safety.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a small reinforced cell with remote controlled windows able to be closed in case of electrical discharges.The cell needs to be capable of withstanding explosions the size of more than five hundred (500) kilograms of TNT. Inside the cell,there are installed motion detectors. All devices equipped with a camera are forbidden to be near the containment cell,taking pictures and/or videos of SCP-XXXX is prohibited. The entity should not come in visible contact of any camera and if required,should be placed in a solid cage if transportations are needed for experiments.

On condition of an electrical discharge,the room will go under full lockdown when high concentrations of electricity are detected,the room will go back to it's normal state once the concentrations are at nominal levels.

SCP-XXXX is under twenty-four (24) surveillance by three (3) armed guards with sedations,minimum two (2) active,each taking eight (8) hour sleeping shifts. SCP-X's diet should only consist of one (1) Alkaline type D battery per week. SCP-XXXX is given one (1) small aluminium ball for entertainment and to relieve anxiety.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a female mammal of the Rodentia order,it's species is the presumed extinct Ceratogaulus hatcheri. The entity is seventy-five (75) centimeters in length and 82 kg in weight. It's claws and horns are made out of an ancient material,its structure fits the description of metal very similar to steel. Further analysis revealed,that it's entire skeletal structure is made out of this material.

SCP-XXXX is capable of containing and releasing pure concentrations of electricity,triggering an electric discharge,able to wipe out an entire concrete building. The electricity is gained from eating all sorts of batteries,it's only source of food. The electricity is stored inside its highly resistant stomach and its released from the entity's horns. During an electrical discharge,it's horns start to visibly glow in blue light with tiny lightning flashes striking at the opposite horns. The discharge lasts up to three (3) minutes. The size of an electrical discharge is revolved around the ammount of electricity the entity has stored,usually the size of a small room. Due to the unpredictability of the electrical discharges, We are unable to accurately predict it's next discharge,making it very dangerous during transportations and experiments.

SCP-XXXX has an ability of being "invisible" on all motion pictures,reflecting only a strong blue light,the light appears to become stronger when more batteries are consumed. It is presumed that the light is the contained electricity inside the entity. The light is highly dangerous to anyone viewing it without protection,enough to blind the viewer,the severity depending on the quantity of contained electricity.

SCP-XXXX was discovered near a destroyed tank production factory in ██████ , Nebraska, by a mobile task force investigating the incident. It was the only survivor during the incident,all witnesses were given class A amnestics as part of the initial containment procedure. It was later found out that the entity caused the massive explosion via an enourmous electrical discharge that was contained for seven (7) months,it's longest to this day. Only one (1) footage was recovered during the explosion and at first,blinded both Researchers ████ and ██████, The footage was later on manipulated by [DATA EXPUNGED] for it to become safe to view. The footage was revealed to contain a distorted image with SCP-XXXX being visible in it. Even with image manipulation,the light has still been reported to be irritating to the eye of anyone viewing it. It captured the moment of the electrical discharge that destroyed the entire factory in seconds.

Addendum: During SCP-XXXX's containment,we were able to link over 100 explosion-related incidents over the last years, that have been caused by SCP-XXXX.