Urielcd's open drafts

Object Class: Safe | Elucid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be held in a secure storage locker, SCP-XXXX is to also be held in a standard Humaniod containment cell Both objects should be sprayed with the chemical ███, which can be found in the Site 56 Cafeteria. Both versions of this document are to be kept on record underneath the same number. Text for SCP-XXXX shall be in standard print, while Italics are to be used for SCP-XXXX-1 A censored version shall be provided to all level 0-3 personnel1 Although any personnel can be allowed access is deemed necessary, such as Cleaners | Guards. They will receive clearance level SCP-XXXX/5 | SCP-XXXX-1/3
SCP-XXXX is the classification given to an object that exist in two separated and distinct forms at once.
SCP-XXXX is believed to be a fourth dimensional creature, as such it appears to us only in the sections of three dimensional space that it is crossing2. SCP-XXXX is an appendage of the creature, it appears to be an digestive system,it is made up of an iron alloy, all noble gasses that touch it are absorbed, if no noble gasses are present for two to three days SCP-XXXX-1 will react trying to move.SCP-XXXX is a large Humanoid shaped being made of pure gold. The mechanism that holds SCP-XXXX together is unknown. SCP-XXXX will move around simulating walking and will make a large amount of human sounding noises. Any human that touches it will be engulfed into the mass, then SCP-XXXX will proceed to leave three dimensional space and reappear in a random location anywhere in the solar system. IfSCP-XXXXis not in the presence of noble gasses, SCP-XXXX with attempt to move towards the closet human and engulf them. Both instances of SCP-XXXX are immobilized when exposed to ███.
███ was discovered to be an effective containment for SCP-XXXX after a Junior Researcher dropped his lunch on SCP-XXXX after he was scared from a noise from SCP-XXXX
Real mature guys, real mature- Researcher Johnson
███ is now to be censored after incident XXXX/3
Incident XXXX/3
SCP-XXXX Spoke, asking what was holding it, afterwards an attending researcher who was unaware said he believed it was a spicy food named after the country Chili, a condiment with that name soon appeared, 98% of people believed it has always been there. The condiment caused pain in the consumer, but was still addicting. The document clearance level has been raised to level 4 and above | SCP-XXXX started to absorb noble gasses