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Item #: URQ-5008-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No member of Foundation personnel is to learn about the content of URQ-5008-J. Personnel who learn the content of URQ-5008-J, or who show signs of URQ-5008-J’s effects, are to be immediately bound and gagged until short-term amnestics are administered.

Personnel are only permitted to learn the content of URQ-5008-J once they have taken an appropriate dose of AG1200 amnestic, and only under the supervision of a senior member of the site’s amnestic division.

In the event that either of the above fail, the affected subject is to be placed into level 7 quarantine for no fewer than 14 days, following which medium-term amnestics are to be applied. No electrical maintenance is permitted to be done on the subject’s quarantine cell for the duration of the quarantine period.

Description: URQ-5008-J is a virulent cognitohazard, able to be transmitted through most forms of communication. Upon being exposed to certain light sources, a subject affected by URQ-5008-J will lose their ability to make rational decisions and become fixated on a behavior which inevitably causes intense physical trauma to themselves.

URQ-5008-J was discovered when multiple members of staff at Site-17 were admitted to the site infirmary with severe lacerations around and within their mouth, throat, and face. Those who responded to questioning cited exposure to URQ-5008-J as the primary cause of their injuries.