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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no reliable way to contain SCP-XXXX, although The Foundation is currently working on methods that limit it's manifestations.
Any perceived action that SCP-XXXX has taken should be reported to MTF Theta-10 ("Who's reality is it anyways") who will then undergo a thorough investigation in order to determine the cause and result of the action(s). Any members of the Global Occult Initiative who are suspected of having knowledge or contact with SCP-XXXX should be sought out and interrogated. Due to the multiple breaches of security at foundation sites caused by SCP-XXXX, it should be treated as hostile.

Description: SCP-XXXX manifests as a tall, male humanoid, wearing a long, black trench coat and a black baseball cap, as well as using unknown means to conceal its face, which appears to be anonymously covered in shadow by the cap at all times. SCP-XXXX is, from what foundation researchers understand, a being that can situationally alter or remove it's place in this reality. While the exact method it is able to do this is unknown, the most significant advantage this provides is that, by removing itself from this reality, it is able to prevent anything from interacting with it or harming it, even by anomalous means. It primarily uses and manifests this ability to hunt down and kill any sentient beings that it determines have the ability to alter, change or otherwise interfere with natural laws and order of reality (colloquially known as "reality benders"). Based on information garnered from various sources, it is believed that SCP-XXXX is currently under the control of the Global Occult Coalition, and is their primary tool they use for the hunting down and destruction of reality benders. While the exact number is not known, it is currently hypothesized that SCP-XXXX is directly responsible for the deaths of at least ███ reality benders, including █ that were under the employ of the foundation.

Besides it's ability to alter it's existence in our reality, SCP-XXXX seems to have no other supernatural abilities, although it seems to be highly intelligent and efficient. Reality benders killed by SCP-XXXX usually have died from fairly conventional means, such as blunt force trauma or being shot by a firearm. Investigation of the aftermath of the attacks shows that SCP-XXXX prefers to track reality benders until they're secluded and strike in an ambush, usually changing the method of attack depending on the unique abilities of the individual it is hunting. SCP-XXXX has not been observed to speak to or non-violently interact with it's targets in any way, although it has been seen to show some emotion through it's actions, primarily through head movements.

SCP-XXXX first came to the attention of The Foundation as it was investigating a young, powerful reality bender with pyrokinetic abilities, codenamed ██████. Several field agents managed to find where it was located, an old warehouse in the area, but upon making it to the building, they found it suffering structural damage that coincided with a severe fire. ██████ was found dead in the center of the warehouse, it's body covered with multiple 9mm bullet wounds, and one bullet wound in it's head. Foundation clean up crews were called in to investigate the area, and an active security camera was found, and the footage extracted for review.

the body of ██████ was taken for autopsy, and a cover story of a faulty electrical fire was created and distributed to local news groups to explain the fire.