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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked metal container located in Site ██. The cloth around SCP-XXXX's face is to be kept on to avoid prolonged eye contact with unintended personnel. SCP-XXXX is to only be removed for testing approved by level 4 personnel.

Description: The object appears to be a [REDACTED] Teddy Bear, measuring roughly 38 centimeters tall and weighing 455 grams. It appears to be brand new, despite the tag stating it's creation in 19██.

SCP-XXXX houses a demonic entity (referred to as SCP-XXXX Alpha) that feeds on and can possess those who have a child between the ages of █ to ██. There are only two ways for this to occur, the first being the subject looking into the the eyes of the teddy bear for approximately 2 minutes and then falling asleep shortly after, or falling asleep with SCP-XXXX itself.

When either of these conditions are met, the subject will fall asleep suddenly, appearing comatose. Any physical damage done to the subject is this state will appear on their waking body. The subject will begin to dream of their childhood home, unable to leave and unable to do anything to wake themselves up. As the subject explores the house, the various rooms will show scenes that cause guilt or great sadness, often relating to a past tragedy or regret of the subject.

SCP-XXXX Alpha has been described as a tall male with deep black hands where the fingers seemed to end in large claws. It is theorized that if one is able to kill SCP-XXXX Alpha, they become the new SCP-XXXX Alpha upon expiration. SCP-XXXX Alpha is extremely violent and will not stop hunting the subject for any reason. Regardless of what the subject does, SCP-XXXX Alpha will eventually find them and attempt kill them through brutal lacerations or blunt force.

SCP-XXXX came into The Foundation's hands on April ██, 19██ when a Foundation agent in the [REDACTED] police force found a report regarding a missing child, the father found dead in his bed with several severe lacerations across the chest, arms and legs and SCP-XXXX laying next to the body. It was noted in the report that the police felt unnerved in the presence of SCP-XXXX, feeling as though it was watching them survey the scene of the crime.

Test XXXX-01

Subject: D5137
Procedure: Subject was placed in a dark room with a single cot, asked to sleep next to SCP-XXXX.
Results: Subject was unable to fall asleep due to an uneasy feeling. Out of boredom, subject began to tear the tag off the left leg of SCP-XXXX. This resulted in a large spray of a thick black caustic liquid onto subject's face, causing severe chemical burns and fatality. Liquid was collected and sent to Site [REDACTED] for further testing.

Test XXXX-02

Subject: D891
Procedure: Subject was placed in a dark room with a single cot, asked to sleep next to SCP-XXXX. Subject is instructed to not attempt to damage SCP-XXXX in any way.
Results: Subject was again unable to fall asleep due to an uneasy feeling. Subject began looking at SCP-XXXX's face and after two minutes,subject immediately fell asleep. Five minutes later, subject suffered massive lacerations to the chest and several five point puncture wounds. Subject expired due to injuries.