Vection's SCP Draft

Item #: SCP-4089

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4089 is to be kept inside of a sound-proof sealed container. Personnel are not permitted to stay inside SCP-4089’s container for longer than 10-minute intervals. To prevent symptoms of mania, Class C+ personnel must wear earplugs. The container must be resealed upon entrance and exit. If a subject is "lost" inside of SCP-4089's container, they are to be retrieved from the container and promptly given class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-4089 is a humanoid that is approximately 1.2 meters in height. The entity is lacking all limbs and hovers approximately 81 centimeters above the ground. SCP-4089's cardiovascular system can be seen in great detail through a gash in its torso. SCP-4089’s skeletal system extrudes through its exterior in multiple places. A green puss-like substance oozes from SCP-4089’s exterior bones. Researchers believe the oozing is the result of irritation between the entity’s epidermis and bone structure.

SCP-4089 produces paranoia and fear in subjects through sight, though is unknown whether this is an anomalous property or a natural human reaction. When in the presence of another being, SCP-4089 produces a high-frequency sound (Roughly 20,000 Hz) which slowly produces mania in the subject. After 5 minutes the majority of subjects are classified as "brain dead" and unable to communicate with our research team. Subjects also start to emit high-frequency sounds in response to SCP-4089. Once a subject has pronounced signs of mania, they are referred to as SCP-4089-2. SCP-4089 is unable to communicate through language but can communicate to SCP-4089-2 via the frequency of sound as shown in experiment [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Robert Piccolo is currently working on decoding SCP-4089's form of communication, although no real progress has been made.

SCP-4089 was acquired on 11/16/████ in Windsor, Canada. It was discovered when a local power plant issued a state of emergency. When authorities arrived on the scene, they reported that the power plant was abandoned. Authorities promptly left the scene and suspected a malfunction with their system. Days later a group of teenagers explored the scene and took video evidence of green puss seeping through a room. When the group attempted to enter the room, they came to the realization that the door required a code. A sheet of loose-leaf paper with the numbers '2367' written on it was spotted. After entering the code into the door, they received immediate feedback as the locking mechanism was disabled. Upon entering the room SCP-4089 was spotted lying motionless on the ground. As the group approached it, SCP-4089 floated upwards and "stared" the group. The group promptly left the scene and posted their video on social media. Two of the 6 teenagers were left behind as SCP-4089 induced a coma-like state onto the two. The SCP foundation was informed of the video and issued class-B amnestics to all parties involved. SCP-4089 was contained and brought to Site-19.

Addendum 4089-1: Experiment 4089-1 Log

The following is an audio transcript of experiment 4089-1. D-class personnel D-4089/-1 was left inside SCP-4089’s container for 20 minutes. Doctor Robert Piccolo observed as the subjects mental state began to change.

Interviewer: Dr. Robert Piccolo

Interviewee: D-class personnel D-4089-1


Dr. Piccolo: D-4089-1, how do you feel?

Subject: Please man, you’ve got to let me out.

Dr. Piccolo: (Sighs) You know I can't do that.

Subject: You can’t do this to me! What did I do to deserve this?

Dr. Piccolo: (long pause) I'm sorry, I really am. If you work with me, this whole process will be much smoother.

Subject: I’m scared, man! This thing is just staring at me. I feel…
(long pause) Please help me. (subject breaks down into tears)

Dr. Piccolo: Thank you for your cooperation. I hope you're ready for what's about to happen.

Subject: (Symptoms of mania start to show) Where am I? Who are you! I don't understand.

Dr. Piccolo: (Doctor Piccolo sighs and looks down at his clipboard) You are D-4089-1, formally known as [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subject: (Subject mutters unintelligible words as he relaxes into his chair)

Dr. Piccolo: D-4089-1, are you still with me?

(Subject is unresponsive)


Addendum 4089-2: Containment Breach of SCP-4089

On ██/██/████ D-████ was "lost" inside of SCP-4089's container. When a recovery team was sent to retrieve the now called SCP-4089-2, it attacked the recovery team. SCP-4089 fled from its container but SCP-4089-2 stayed behind in a trance-like state. SCP-4089 was quickly contained by [DATA REDACTED] and returned back to its container. Audio logs of the incident alluded to communication between SCP-4089 and SCP-4089-2 prior to the failed retrieval.