Velken Iakov
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Origin of Object: SCP-XXXX was found in the ground near a corner on Level-██ inside Site-77.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must never be exposed to sounds louder than 100 dB, therefore its chamber must be sound-proof, in order to minimize chances of exposure. When exposed to sounds louder than 100 dB, SCP-XXXX emits waves which disrupts all electronic equipment1.

SCP-XXXX must be kept inside a locked case which requires two different keys to unlock. This is due to the incident on 29/04/████. The use of SCP-XXXX is allowed in emergencies in which require the complete erasing of data from devices.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a parallelepiped slab with rounded corners. The slab is 7.3 mm thick and surface area of 13 x 8.03 cm. Its pure blue color makes extremely hard to see the borders, with a similar effect of Vanta Black. However, SCP-XXXX changes to a darken green when "activated" by sound.

SCP-XXXX weighs exactly 30 grams when blue and increases density as the exposed sound goes louder, stopping at exactly 1.2 kilograms.

Recorded data and events:

Test 01 - 03/04/████

Subject: Dr. V█████ I████
Procedure: Various ambient changes: Light exposure; Pressure change; Sound exposure.
Results: SCP-XXXX changed color and got heavier after being exposed to loud sounds. Difference in the sound waves show no effect. When placed in complete vacuum, it presented an exact weight of 30 grams with twenty four zeros on the decimals. Recording of the test was lost due to malfunction of the camera

Log - 04/04/████ - 18:37

User: Dr. V█████ I████'s assistant
Voice-to-text: Dr.6 was really upset that the recording was lost yesterday. We are reproducing the tests but with an external camera 10 meters away from the Slab.

Test 02 - 04/04/████

Subject: Dr. V█████ I████
Procedure: Idem as Test 01 plus an external camera 10 meters away.
Results: The camera near SCP-XXXX also malfunctioned. More testing required.

Log - 05/04/████ - 02:12

User: Dr. V█████ I████
Voice-to-text: We found SCP-XXXX, or Slab as my assistant calls it, randomly laying around inside Site-77. It follows the golden ratio and the color is pleasant to look at. The exact origins and purposes are sill unfolded, but it appears that XXXX affects electronic devices. The recorder I had forgotten in my jacket got wiped of its data and I had to borrow my assistant's while a new one doesn't arrive. Unfortunately the tests will be held back for few days. The lack of cameras in stock is surprisingly big.

Test 03 - 25/04/████


Log - 25/04/████ - 12:36

User: Dr. V█████ I████'s assistant
Voice-to-text: Dr. 6 has a smirk in his face. The Slab is contained in a sound-proof chamber with a camera 5 meters away. After more testings we found that it can be used to override many electronic devices and their data, which also allows to unlock doors, you still require to manually open the heavy door, but their locks would be off. For me this would be the perfect prison escape tool, provided you can make an 100 dB sound to it.

Log - 29/04/████ - 05:58

User: Dr. V█████ I████
Voice-to-text: My stupid assistant was right, XXXX is the perfect prison escape tool. One subject was in the room and somehow knew about the effects of XXXX, he even sneaked in a small speaker attached to a circuit which produced a low pitch sound with over 100 dB. He disabled half of the cameras in Level-██ and pried open six doors, until he was stopped by staff. With that, I am increasing the safekeeping of XXXX to a sealed sound-proof case that requires two keys. One will be with me with a copy to the Level supervisor and the other key with my assistant with a copy to the Sector supervisor.