Half Demon, Half Human

Item #: SCP-3161

Object Class: Keter

Containment: SCP-3161 is to be kept in a 9 meter by 9 meter by 9 meter cell when not being used for testing. The cell is to be kept at a temperature no lower than 60 degrees Celsius and there needs to be active floodlights facing the center of the room at all times cause if the lights were to turn off or the temperature gets too low SCP-3161 will be able to escape by teleportation through shadows and darkness, shadow jumping. Even when out of containment when he's being used for testing he will have a light constantly focused on him.

DescriptionSCP-3161 is a humanoid male, 5.5 feet tall, and weighs about 150 pounds, SCP-3161 is constantly thinking in the center of the room on a metal chair. He will sleep every 6-8 hours, unless he's thinking or eating. D-Class personnel are sent into SCP-3161's cell and have to ask SCP-3161 a series of questions depending on his mood, questions like how are you feeling today, or how are holding up in the foundation?. Sometimes when SCP-3161 is in a happy or satisfied mood he will be used for testing, since SCP-3161 is immune to psychological attacks of any kind even those from SCP's such as SCP-426 causing the first person view description and SCP-012 won't cause SCP-3161 to attempt finish it. So because of this researchers like to experiment and see both how he reacts to other SCPs and how they react to him.

SCP-3161 had been taken into foundation custody when two elderly people, SCP-3161's grandparents, had called the police claiming that their grandson seemed was crazy and that he was possessed. When the police had arrived they had taken the boy but then had contacted foundation personnel as this was no normal ghost complaint. Cause they could clearly see that the boy wasn't inhabited by a ghost through interrogating him.

Many interesting have come about testing SCP-3161's abilities, he is able to control so called 'dark forces' as he said during interrogation as well as being able to reanimate the dead into SCP-3161-2, or dark legions, and they will kill and infect everyone who gets close unless commanded not to by SCP-3161. SCP-3161-2 is completely black and shiny, as if it made of glass but yet it still moves freely as if one joint were thousands joined together all along the body. When SCP-3161-2 harms D-Class they will infect them causing them to become SCP-3161-2.

SCP-3161-2 can be shot or stabbed to get rid of it, when they are shot or punctured they will break like normal glass but the glass is tinted dark enough to where you can't see through either side of glass.

Dr. █████: "There are many creatures here but there are many more objects in than creatures."

Closing Statement: "So, he had more story than we first thought, I think we need to conduct a bit more research, maybe see if he has any affect over other SCPs or if they have affect on him. Next test will be seeing 096's reaction to him, maybe he has psychological effect on it" Dr. ██████.