Vlad Tepes III

Item #: SCP-136X

Object Class:safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-236X is to be held in a standerd humannoid containment chamber with a reinforced steel door for in case there is a containment breach.
The containment of SCP-136X has be gaurded by atleast one gaurd. For the case of an contaiment breach MTF Alpha-9 is need to be notified right away.
SCP-136X is to be given a packet of blood every three days, if subject is to request a blood packet it is to be furfilded right away. any mockery or of SCP-136X is to be forbiden,
as this can lead to a containment breach. the folling list is not to be allowd in SCP-136X containment chamber, cristian crosses, holly water and uv lights.
poeple that are cristian or turkish are not allwod to interact with SCP-136X. if the subject has a reqeust contact dr.████████ for aprovel.

Description: SCP-136X is a male of approximately 1.5 meters. SCP-136x claims to be 700 years old altough he looks like he's in his late 30's.
the subject fangs are noticely longer than normal fangs. SCP-136X wears a traditional high class clothes from the 1400's.
SCP-136X is capible of speaking Wallachian and heavenliy accented english. SCP-136X is to be belived to be the Wallachian king Vlad Tepes III.

one of SCP-136X anomalous effect is the rage type state it gets into if the subject has not drinken blood for 72 hours, and if stressed the time before the raged state can be shortened,
SCP-136X will notify personnel when i feels stressed and will and is to givven a blood packet at once. SCP-136X can also go in its raged stage if angerd, mocking him or Wallachia especily.
the rage state gives SCP-136X inhuman strength, speed and a trust for human blood. to turn SCP-136X back to normal a exorcisem is to be conducted.
SCP-136X can't get harmend by most normal means, most injureys regenerate them self in one hour. onley know effective ways to harm SCP-136X are,
holy water wich burns SCP-136, cristian crosses wich scares the SCP-136X and burn him opon contact, sunlight wich burn him. these are the onley way to permently damage SCP-136X
in case of a containment breach using a cross is usely enough, the holy water and uv lights are to deadly to sefely contain SCP-136X. thus onley to be used as a last resort
when SCP-136X creis he cries blood. SCP-136X can also smell the blood of cristians.

SCP-136X whas found by the foundation in 19██ in Wallachia after hearing the complaints by the locals of the sounds of a angey man from the ground.
the foundation did rescearh and found out that there was a catacomb Build at the place where the sounds came form. a team of dispatch agents where send in to lookwhat this screaming whas.
the catacombs had no sigh of graves or bodies. there whas whas one stone coffing that whas opend. after a few minutes SCP=136 apeard and killed ██ poeple by impalement. the dispatch team retreated.
when they where outside SCP-136X stoped following them and said ''i will hunt all of you down and drink your blood'' than he returned to the catacomb.
research whas done and we found out that this sound started when the town priest died, he used to exocise the catacombs. the foundation axocised the SCP-136X and the subject calmed down and contained.
there where items found in the catacomb and confescated. items where researched and where not anomalous. these itemsto be held at site ██, if SCP-136Xreqeust for one of these items it is to be aproved by dr.████████.

Interview Log 136X-6

Interviewers: Dr.████████, SCP-136X main researcher.

[Dr. ████████ enter SCP-136X's containment unit. Dr. ████████ is carrying a clip board with a document on it and a box.]

SCP-136X: hello my good sir Dr. ████████.
Dr. ████████: hello SCP-136X, hi came here today for some qeustions. are you willing to answer them?
SCP-136X: but of course.
Dr. ████████: good. you said you said that you where Vlad Tepes III?
SCP-136X: yes i am.
Dr. ████████: but in the history books says that you died 700 years, ago how come you are still alive?
SCP-136X: sadly i don't know, the last thing i remember before waking up in the catacomb is that i whas going to bed.
Dr. ████████: i see. are you awere of your raputition?
SCP-136X: back in the day they called me the son of the dragon, but i don know how they see me now.
Dr. ████████: i heard that you where a devoded cristian.
[SCP-136X energnicly jumped up]
SCP-136X: yes of course! i fought wars angainst those dirty turks for god! everything that i have done i did it for him!
Dr. ████████: would you mind and look at this for a momment?
[Dr. ████████ grabs a cross out of the box]
[SCP-136X jumps back and hisses]
SCP-136X: what is this
[SCP-136X starts to cry]
SCP-136X: why am i afraid of the symbol of god?
[Dr. ████████ puts the cross back in the box]
SCP-136X: why god? i gave up my life for you! i did every thing for you! but in return you curse me….. damn you god. DAMN YOU!
Dr. ████████: i will leave now.
SCP-136X: WAIT! do i have to drink that vile blood?
Dr. ████████: i'm afraid you do. otherwise you wil go berserk.
SCP-136X: that damn god made me a monster.
[Dr. ████████ leaves SCP-136X containment]
[SCP-136X continued to cry for up to 2 hours]

Addendum 136X-1: To date, SCP-136X has requested:
.the bible (denied)
.a self portrait from the catacombs (aproved)
.his sword from the catacombs (denied)
.his grails from the catacomb (aproved)
.wine every week (aproved)
.a history book (aproved)
.a trip to Wallachia (denied)
.Bram Stokers Dracula (denied)
.mary shelley's frankenstein (aproved)
.garlic bread (aproved)1