Shadow Feeder

Item #: SCP-4297

Threat Level: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4297 must be kept in a brightly lit room with no windows. It can have only one visitor at a time and must be interviewed by a Level 3 personnel and over watched by a Level 4 personnel. It uses English to answer and talk but understands all languages. All interviews must be done from an intercom except for the first one to have befriended it. All befriending attempts from the foundation have failed.

Description: SCP-4297 is also known as Shadow Feeder, was created at an unknown time and location. Shadow Feeder is an immortal demon that will possess a new target every three years. Upon possession it mutates the target to its true form. SCP-4297 is approximately 4 meters tall and has a humanoid shape with no face. It has two glowing orange eyes and a shadow like body. It can turn into a shadow at will and feeds on shadows to gain strength. It gains power at dusk for a brief amount of time. Once it gains enough shadow it can make one double that will be at half power. SCP-4297 was often seen with a double before it was contained. It will defend and protect one who befriends it. It can solidify shadows and has a short temper. Its strengths are darkness, night and anger. Its weaknesses are light and fire. Its other strengths and weaknesses are unknown.

Discovery: SCP-4297 was discovered 4/2/19 in an overgrown forest, following 911 calls of a mysterious monster attacking people in the area. Foundation agents were sent and successfully retrieved the SCP and assessed all involved from the 911 calls. Yet, before arrival it had fought back and killed a few assistants and Dr. █████. SCP-4297 has just recently been contained but has had a brief intercom interview at arrival.

Interview Log 4297-1

Interviewed: SCP-4297


This interview was briefly done immediately upon the arrival of SCP-4297.

Interviewer: Do specifically choose which host body you go into?

SCP-4297: No. I usually just go into a random body as needed with no specific selection just jumping into them.

Interviewer: Why did you attack random people in the forest?

SCP-4297: They disturbed me. They disturbed my rest.

Interviewer: When you use your double do you have control over it, or does it have a mind of its own?

SCP-4297: I have complete control over my double when it is used. Now, now no more questions I would like to get back to rest.

<End Log.

Closing Statement: Another befriending attempt has failed. Ending in the death of Dr. ███.123