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The "escort canine"

Item #: SCP _

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP _ is to be kept in a steel cell with a locked door and a 7cm-thick one-way observation window of tempered glass. One personnel and one armed guard equipped with a standard riot shield and a should be on standby at all times. No individuals with any form of blindness or sight impairment should come within 53m of the containment chamber. The fresh carcass of one small mammal is to be provided on a fortnightly basis to the object. Ventilation should be provided to the chamber to remove gases produced by feeding.

Description: SCP _ manifests as a canine entity resembling a large female greyhound with little to no fur and scar tissue covering the majority of its body. Object appears to possess clouding in both lenses of the eye, however research suggests that although the entity is blind to wavelengths perceived by humans, it is able to see other areas of the electromagnetic spectrum such as heat and ███████¹. SCP has been recorded to run at a consistent speed of 73mph, far above that of the average greyhound. Interestingly, SCP does not possess the usual excretory system of canids and releases waste as reconstituted gases exhaled via the respiratory system. The process of how it achieves this is currently unknown. The anomaly is highly aggressive to any individuals with visual impairment/blindness or those who attempt to interrupt it whilst feeding, and whilst it usually tolerates interactions with personnel otherwise, the behavior of SCP is extremely unstable and it can become aggressive as a result of mild stimuli.

SCP will attempt to actively hunt and kill any individuals with sight impairment, preferably those possessing a guide dog² (if present, the dog is referred as SCP -1). Cases of this behavior have demonstrated that the object will approach within a range of 53m from the target, and then exchange locations with SCP -1 instantaneously, replacing it and rendering SCP -1 inert via cardiac arrest. When the entity has assumed the position of SCP -1, it will guide the target individual to a secluded location and kill them via tearing open the windpipe or evisceration. Feeding upon the carcass will then occur and last approximately 34 minutes before the object is sated.

Discovery: SCP entered foundation custody in 2018, following the disappearance of an elderly individual in the town of ████, Spain. Police discovered the body in a forest that the victim "regularly took walks through." A single helicopter was dispatched to locate and retrieve the object from the woodland, which the object fled from immediately and attempted to outrun. Object was attempted to be neutralised via firearms, however this was unsuccessful due to a strange behavioral pattern that allowed it to evade the shots. MTF Epsilon-6 was deployed following the failure of the first capture attempt and successfully detained it via use of ground forces.

Addendum -1: The entity has been proven to possess a precognitive ability, and is able to witness the exact course of events that will occur up to 7 seconds into the future, and react to them accordingly. Exact specifications of how and why this occurs is currently unknown.


Dr ████: Please describe the apparent behavior of the entity during the second retrieval mission.

Commander ████: It seemed hella skittish of the team. Not once did it attempt to attack any of us, it just seemed to try and get away on those long spindly legs. And boy, could that thing run.

Dr ████: So it ran from the team?

Commander ████: Yea, seemed to sense the presence of the team prior to the approach. We tried to stop it from escaping with firearms, but for some reason it was always a step ahead and kept avoiding the shots.

Dr ████: It dodged your team's bullets?

Commander ████: No, it was doing something very different. It was like it knew exactly where and when we would open fire. It predicted the course of the bullets and evaded moments before we shot. In the end we had to close in on it from all sides to capture it.

Dr ████: Have a look at this. This is footage from the first attempt at capture.

Video displays footage taken from a foundation helicopter. SCP displays rapid erratic movements, darting back and forth. Shots are continuously fired until ammunition is expended. No bullets hit the target.

Dr ████: Is this the kind of movement you witnessed?

Commander ████: Exactly.

Dr ████: Thank you for your time.

Conclusion from Dr ████:

From what I have seen from the footage and tests performed on , we have overlooked the single most powerful anomalous property of SCP-. If it truly possesses the precognitive abilities it is theorised to, it could prove to be a much more powerful tool for use by the foundation. Further measures to contain the subject should be implemented immediately in light of this discovery. If that thing can predict our every move, a breach in containment could be just around the corner if our security measures lax.


¹Discovered when SCP expressed interest in a particular spot near the observation window, discovered to be a pipe carrying hot water.

²A death of a civilian in ████, 1992, assumed to be the work of an iberian wolf by local authorities but discovered to be a result of the entity. The subject in question had no guide dog and was actively hunted by SCP in a predatory manner.