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SCP 6000 - The 'Rogue Phage' - Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The entity is to be contained in a 80x80 area of land surrounded by a ten meter high Type Three Blast Resistant wall reinforced with titanium rods. A minimum of two Apache helicopter gunships armed with live ammunition and hellfire missiles are to be on standby at all times in the case of a containment breach. Several gun platforms should be installed around the perimeter of the site should the object fabricate instances of SCP 6000-A, as well as primed anti-aircraft weaponry stationed behind the containment walls All instances of A subjects should be terminated by use of live ammunition delivered by helicopters of gun platforms. Any behavioural changes should be noted. A minimum of thirty personnel should be on standby at the enclosure at all times. Containment walls are to be checked daily for damage daily. Instances of SCP 6000-B1 and SCP 6000-B2 should be destroyed by the use of anti-aircraft weaponry. If the subject or any other A or B instances exit the enclosure, an immediate containment breach alert is to raised and the foundation should be alerted at once. In the event of a major containment breach, the Apache gunships should be used to track down and detain all instances of SCP 6000-A or B. The original subject is to be retrieved not terminated.

Description: SCP 6000 is a pentapedal entity that stands at 1.7 meters tall. It resembles a microscopic, predatory lifeform called a bacteriophage. The object's pigmentation is a dark red, which distinguishes it from SCP 6000-A and B instances. The head of the subject is a perfect icosahedron, and is larger than a human head to accomodate a complex brain that emits a bioluminescent light that shines through the faces of the entity's head. It has no eyes or facial features, as SCP 6000 lacks a face entirely due to the icosahedron head design. The 'faces' of the oddly shaped head are perfectly smooth and like the entirety of the body is composed of an unknown, bulletproof material. Extending from the bottom of the head vertically is a long but very thin neck that again is smooth and symmetrical, and lacks any features at all i.e veins, airways, muscles, tendons or bones. The neck extends almost all the way to the ground but then thickens and branches off into five insect-like legs placed at intervals. The legs of SCP 6000 are thin and possess a knifelike edge ten centimeters long on each leg that has the capability to tear through thin sheets of metal and gouge concrete.

Much of entity's behavior is currently an enigma; SCP 6000 may stay dormant in a trancelike state for days or weeks for no particular reason or sometimes become more aggressive than normal to site staff, gun platforms and any D class personnel who enter the containment area for testing.

SCP 6000 is extremely hostile, and also very intelligent, research suggesting that it can plan, theorize and predict much more strategically and effectively than humans. The entity will actively hunt and track humans for days on end, able to recognise individuals and remember them for long periods of time. SCP 6000 moves with a series of leaps and sprints, moving at recorded speeds of 30 MPH when seeking human prey. To conserve energy and minimise damage from falling, the subject will contact its neck, shortening it to approximately five centimeters before folding all five legs against its head and forming a ball. When using this form of locomotion SCP 6000 can reach top speeds of 43 MPH. All instances of SCP 6000-A move in a similar way, as well as most B instances.

When within range of a human, the subject will tend to not kill but cripple the human, who will now be known as SCP 6000-1. This is usually achieved by severing the achilles tendon on the back of the heel. It will then demobilise them, holding them in place with its legs whilst it stabs with a short, bladelike biological structure protruding from the bottom of the entity's neck. This injects an unknown chemical compound into SCP 6000-1.

This chemical shuts down the nervous system of SCP 6000-1 and then forces their cells to use up their resources to manufacture instances of SCP 6000-A or more rarely SCP 6000-B. Manufacturing occurs in