Waffle the Wizard

Registered Phenomena Code: 149

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazards: Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-149 is to be placed in a 20x5cm galvanized steel chest with a keypad lock at Site ███. Due to the anomalous properties of SCP-3781, the chest may only be opened under the command of 2 Level-3 officers and the Site ███ director. Upon being opened, the object must not be touched by anyone with Class C access or above.
All instances of RPC-149-1 are to be individually contained in a 3x4x3m cell with 1m thick concrete walls at Site ███. General furniture (a single bed, toilet, and table) are to be bolted down to the floor.
RPC-149-1 is to be given three meals of chicken soup a day, and a small cookie if RPC-149-1 is making considerable improvement towards normalcy. Instances of RPC-149-1 are not to be allowed any visitors due to the possibility of a containment breach following Incident 0299. Research personnel are encouraged to record their notes via electronic means.

Description: RPC-149 is a 18 cm. long wooden stick with several bright green leaves hanging off. Upon touching RPC-149 exposed subjects will begin to perceive themselves as a wizard, (at this point referred to as RPC-149-1) specifically one from a high fantasy fictitious setting, and will dress and act accordingly.
Instances of RPC-149-1 will begin to yell various phrases phrases in Latin, regardless of previously knowing the language or not associated with waving of RPC-149 around and attacking anyone in their immediate vicinity with their nails. It should be noted that, despite the insistence of RPC-149-1, instances do not display any anomalous abilities, nor does the item give instances any extra-ordinary abilities other than a heightened tolerance to pain. Instances of RPC-1491-1 will ignore nearly all pain caused by conventional means, even if said pain comes from fatal injuries, such as a gunshot wound.

Instances will however, respond to "spells" cast at them by other instances of RPC-149-1. Though any real damage is rarely caused, subjects will always act as if in pain. Each instance of RPC-149-1 will attempt to pass the wand onto another target, and find their own "wand" (While this "wand" is usually a tree branch similar to that of RPC-149, it can also include items of vastly different size and function, such as a pencil).

After all humans in a 4.83 km radius have been converted to RPC-149-1, they will begin to move as a nomadic pack, converting anyone they encounter along the way into RPC-149-1. Currently, it seems that the possibility of reverting RPC-149-1 back to normal is possible; however, the process would not be permanent. Anything that resembles RPC-149 in any way instantly reverts them to RPC-149-1.

Discovery: RPC-149 was retrieved by the Authority on October 21, ████ after the entire city of Chelan, Washington was converted into RPC-149-1, and began to make their way to Wentachee. The local police were called following 23 deaths, but were unable to contain the instances. Police were able to contain both RPC-149 and all instances of RPC-149-1 with the help of MSF Charlie 19 "The Bulls", and all anomalous entities were put under Authority Custody.