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SCP - 3604

Item #: SCP-3604

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Although personel are allowed to visit SCP-3615, and although SCP-3604 is generally safe (as long she's not angered), SCP-3615 should not be allowed outside of her cell or hallway ███████ in cite ████.

Description: SCP-3604 is a young human female with brown hair, brown eyes, and two beauty marks on her face. She wears [REDACTED] brand glasses with two small stickers placed on the bridge. SCP-3604 is allowed up to 12 visitors (one per visit) each year, 3 of which being Dr.███████ for psychological examinations. If SCP-3604 transforms into SCP-3604-1, it is vital that she doesn't reach any other SCPs, especially if ones with mind/reality altering abilities. She is to be administered Azaperone by any means necessary. SCP-3604 was first found at the age of ██ when she was crushing lunchboxes using her powers. At the age of ██, she was taken to the SCP-3604, and replaced with a clone created by SCP-███.

SCP-3604's only anomalous power is the ability to control [REDACTED]. If the ability is used too often within a 12 hour timespan, SCP-3604 will turn into SCP-3604-1 (See addendum A-1). SCP-3604's anomalous powers will only surface when she is either under extreme stress or when exposed to [REDACTED] type substances. As of [REDACTED], SCP-3604 appears to be content with being in the containment of the foundation.

Addendum A-1: SCP-3604-1 has been described by Dr.█████ as a "possessed SCP-3604". In this state, SCP-3604's eyes turn a burgundy, with slight orange hints in the iris, and her skin becomes incredibly fair. In this state, her anomalous abilities increase tenfold. In experiment 36-A, SCP-3604-1 was able to compact 6 AM General Humvees into small chrome balls.

Interviwed: SCP-3604
Interviwer: Doctor █████ ███████
Forword: This was SCP-3604's first time meeting Dr.███████.
[SCP-3604 lowers her copy of "The Divine Comedy"]
SCP-3604: "Hello. Have we met before?"
Dr.███████: "Not yet. I've just come in for a little check up. My name is Doctor █████ ███████, and I'm here to make sure you're feeling ok."
SCP-3604: "Alright. Well, I think I'm doing ok. Things have been really quiet."
Dr.███████: "You think?"
SCP-3604: "Well, I haven't really talked to anyone since I was abducted."
Dr.███████: "I'll fix that. We wouldn't want you to be too uncomfortable here."
SCP-3604: "Thank you.."
Dr.███████: "I shall take my leave now. Please, try to remember that you'll only be here until ███ ███ ███████ ████ ██████."
[Dr.███████ leaves the room, causing SCP-3604 to continue reading]