Present Day

From what was once Moscow the troops of the Serpents Hand manoeuvre through the ruins like ants in a maze,all stopping at there rightful place preparing for what was to come.

10 Years Earlier

"Oi! Lewis on me",A raspy voice calls out from the darkened figure standing at the cell door,"help me wae this yin,bin told this ones a dodgy fucker",Just as Lewis begins walking towards Sgt:Briggs an eye widening scream resonates from the iron door,"YOU FUCKING DARE COME IN HERE!","Told yeh" said Sgt:Briggs while fiddling with his (PRR)/Personal Role Radio,"you can dae the talking,I'll dae all the dirty work",Briggs voice getting increasingly more croaky until hacking up an unpleasant concoction of phlegm and blood on to the white tiled floor making the substance look as if it was glowing."Jesus,right Lewis Geet on the Comm's now",Briggs voice all of sudden sounding clear,almost clean,while Lewis gets the (PRR) ready,Sgt:Briggs lowers his helmet visor and gets ready for the maniac contained within that cell to be unleashed."Private Lewis Thompson to Control,Permission to open Cell 2A-1",a short pause followed continued with a deep voice replying "CONTROL TO PRIVATE LEWIS THOMPSON,PERMISSION GRANTED.As soon as the reply finished the seemingly rigid door slid leftward with ease and disappeared into the walls.To Lewis's surprise it looked as if there was nobody in the cell,Just as Briggs was about to enter the otherwise vacant cell Lewis slips in in front of Briggs with his P90 at the ready,"The fuck are Ahgghh!"Briggs exclaims before collapsing to the floor choking and spluttering everywhere.As Lewis Turns round to help Briggs he hears a rustling noise behind him.Lewis turns round but is greeted with the sickening pain,the thud of a lead pipe making contact with his forehead smashing his helmet visor to pieces.Lewis crumples to the floor as Briggs struggles to get up, before the crazed man could get any where the rattle of gunfire sounded out,echoing down the cell block,the man received 3 rounds to the chest all puncturing him continued with the spurts of crimson fluids which continued to flow even when he flopped to the ground like a rag doll.

“Wha,what, what hell happened,where am I” Lewis muttered,”you were in a coma” said a random voice out of nowhere,”I was in a what!” Lewis quickly props him self up on his medical bed,”A coma, for about 5 years” while hearing this Lewis notices a figure walk into his peripheral vision,a tall slender man,about 50 years old,dressed in a field medics out fit.”where’s Briggs?”,Lewis seeming interested in his where abouts,”no clue,but you can look at the staff records from the Security Department”,Lewis seems surprised that the doctor has an idea of who Briggs is,"Sure" inhales Lewis,the doctor passes Lewis a clipboard with all the records from early 2013 all the way up to 2021 which was last year.Lewis scans the endless lists of guards,Lewis spots his name with the letters "MD" which he presumes means Medical Discharge,After a couple minutes of searching he finds Briggs but unlike Lewis's name Briggs name is written in red,Lewis starts getting concerned,he looks around for more information until he comes across a small piece of paper at the back of the clipboard,Lewis reads as follows


  • CPL-Mohammad:Age-34 [MIA]
  • PVT-Heeden:Age-20 [KIA]
  • SGT-Briggs:Age-49 [MIA]
  • PVT-Fred:Age-37 [KIA]
  • LT-Oberbrook:Age-45 [KIA]
  • NCO-Pertikov:Age-23 [MIA]
  • LCPL-Docker:Age-27 [KIA]

"Wait,What,Me and Briggs weren't at Site-19,we were at Site-15" Lewis having a puzzled look on his face,"Are you sure you weren't just dreaming" says the doctor wearily,"Don't think so,why?" reply's Lewis in a concerned tone,"because Site-15 was Ashed",the doctor reply's instinctively,"what!?,whi…Wha,How?",Lewis struggling to get his words out,"Site-01 decided to flatten the place after an outbreak of SCP-008 had wiped out most of the staff in the Facility",the doctor explained,"So they just…well,Bombed the place to shit",Lewis answered,"you could say that",the doctor chuckling during his sentence,"Not very professional,considering they are the,quote Professionals",Lewis also starting to find the conversation humorous."So how did I survive?",Lewis Wondering curiously,"You and all the other wounded where taken to other sites as soon as the outbreak started",explained the doctor,"Wait,so Briggs was injured?",Lewis being surprised