Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP-XXXX is an incorporeal, sentient entity which demonstrates an ability to physically possess humans for variable periods of time. Once in possession of a viable host, the the entity will proceed toward the nearest public space and commence an oratory. The proliferation and duration of possession events appears to positively correlate with SCP-XXXX’s esteem as perceived by those to whom it has most recently orated. The contents of its speeches have been shown to include sensitive information, including classified Foundation data, in addition to memetic infohazards and novel ideologies which are deemed incompatible with consensus normalcy.

Whilst the Foundation are not able to reliably predict which individuals will be affected by SCP-XXXX, through study of the kinetoglyphs used by the entity, specialists have developed a method of reliably inducing possession events in viable candidates.

SCP-XXXX has demonstrated a moderate capacity for the formal context of its oration to be influenced by the setting in which possession is induced.

Special Containment Procedures: On the fourteenth day of each calendar month, a suitable candidate is to be selected for the enactment of the containment procedure specified herein.

Only D-Class individuals consistently scoring 42 or above in manual dexterity tests are eligible for candidacy. High-dose opioids are to be administered to the chosen candidate prior to commencement.

Chosen candidates are to be equipped with a modified robotic manual rehabilitation glove which has been programmed to perform kinetoglyphic sequence xx, Eldritch Gangsigns. Immediately following commencement of the kinetoglyphic sequence the chosen candidate may demonstrate signs of distress; pending the onset of a possession event, staff are to repeatedly reassure the candidate that the procedure will cause no lasting damage to the muscles or tendons of their hand, and that any discomfort will prove fleeting.

Immediately following the onset of a possession event, candidates are to be placed into the recovery position. Care is to be taken to keep the candidates’ airways clear of vomit throughout. Should candidates begin to enter a seizure state, the use of physical restraints is permitted. For this reason candidates with low muscle mass are preferred, although their bodies should be sufficiently robust to withstand the rigours of the process with a calculated approximate mortality risk not exceeding eight percent. Note that this requirement may be relaxed to a threshold of ten percent upon approval, to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Prior to the reawakening of former candidates as SCP-XXXX instances, an audience consisting of no fewer than 30 trained Foundation operatives is to gather within the performance space. Operatives are to wear contextually appropriate clothing, and are encouraged to partake in the moderate consumption of contextually appropriate alcoholic beverages.

Immediately following the reawakening of former candidates as SCP-XXXX instances, a klaxon will sound. This will serve as the signal for the assigned agent of STF [des] to enter the performance space. The agent should seek to convey a sense of confidence bordering on bravado as they enter the space, taking advantage of the awakening entity’s evident discombobulation to gain a slight advantage from the outset. Care should be taken to keep this advantage slight; establishing a strong sense of SCP-XXXX as an underdog may harm the STF agent’s position in the perceived narrative of the rap battle which follows.

It is imperative that the agent be perceived as the winner of this conflict.

Addendum: Jerome Benten vs SCP-XXXX [Rematch]

Yo, my squad’s dreaded.
My groupies, GRU-Ps, leave gods deaded.
And the Foundation’ll cover it up like cosmetics.

This is pataphysic analytics; you ain’t got a cannon.
I keep it real with the tec like Doctor Scranton.

F: I wish those archaeologists woulda left him resting.
But his lines are so forgettable this is amnestic testing.

A: It’s like the day they freed my spirit from Egyptian earth.
Coz I know that you dig this, so be careful who you dissin’,turd.

F: How you on some cosmic shit, yet still ain’t made for stardom?
I’m a battle rap legend who was raised in Harlem.
Eldritch asylum-seeker; shoulda stayed in Arkham.
He’s like ‘f’nagth fnnu fnuh’… I’m like… ‘pardon?’

A: Forget about your champion’s cup, I’mma win the grail.
Kid your skills are frail and my will prevails.
The second you stepped in this ring, instant fail.
Now I got a little proposal of my own; I’mma lift the veil.

F: You’re less ‘Necronomicon’…
More ‘dressed for Comic-con’.
Think you bring forbidden knowledge?
Dogg I learned that shit in college.
Just beginner topics for a simple novice.
Hey I called this demon ‘dogg’ coz he’s still pissed about his Tinder-losses.

A: Yo, your battle rap’s wack, stick to clinical tone.
I’ll manifest in your mind whilst you’re sitting alone.
F: That’s a cliche effect; you’re a typical clone.
And we’ve got you contained with these lyrical flows.

A: Your team’s leaders are so wise; no lies…
They even forecast your score card: O-5.

F: I see past the D-Class host to your bleak heart’s hopes through your weak half-boasts, and that’s real.
Deep bars both, but we mean ours most, you could possess our best but can’t get how we feel.
Heed the mockery. You’re a freak anomaly in need of modesty and speech economy.
You wanna orate to our nations and preach philosophies, heathen prophecies and secret qualities of demonology.
…But instead you’re stuck rap battling me …getting beaten commonly in a league for comedy.

A: You missed-a whole lot of things. That’s Wondertainment.
Toe tagged. Footnote: That’s an understatement.

F: Ok, word up to your lyrical style but dribbling bile’s a bad look.
Your possession session ends when you you get a tad shook.

[SCP-XXXX wipes its chin with the sleeve of its hoodie.]

F: They tried telling me not to battle a god;
Now I’m wrapping this up like a rag-an’-a-rock.

[SCP-XXXX inspects the stain on its sleeve and shudders visibly.]

F: Incorporeal, ‘coz you’re spirited but it’s not hard.
A: Hey they call you the Jailers, but you ain’t got bars?
F: You’re on some Eldritch shit, but don’t love crafting lines, right?
A: Rewind… Your crew uses SCP 2k more than hindsight.

[SCP-XXXX commences a manual kinetoglyphic sequence. The agent counters by inverting the polarity of his cap, turning its brim to the rear before yawning theatrically.]

F: How can you be incorporeal and still get bodied?
A: I’m gon’ containment breach a fresh posse in yo’ west lobby.
F: No you’re not. And I don’t give a shit which elder god causes most anguish.
Hey I could even beat this thing in its own language. Check it out…

[The agent performs a guttural staccato couplet, tinting the air with taupe and rust-orange rhymes in an A-A-B/A-B-B pattern, and causing many audience members to drop their drinks. The couplet translates as an assertion that the existence of the progenitor of SCP-XXXX neatly conforms to human systems of logic, and moreover could be fully comprehended by the average infant, who would suffer no ill-effects as a result.]

F: And they’d dream about, like, pretty ponies and strawberry jell… Oh.

[SCP-XXXX drops to the ground and enters a seizure state, indicating the cessation of the current possession event, and resulting in the declaration of Sgt. Jerome Benten as the champion by default.]