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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Explained

Special Containment Procedures:

As SCP-XXXX has been determined to possess no anomalous properties, he is no longer remanded to Foundation custody, and has resumed regular work. Please see Addendum XXXX/A.2 for more information.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a male, humanoid entity of Caucasian appearance, approximately 1.85 meters in height. SCP-XXXX exhibits a visual cognitohazardous effect, causing affected individuals to perceive it as a celebrity of indeterminate nature, with subjects identifying as fans and attempting to earn SCP-XXXX's recognition. To date recorded attempts have included:

  • Requests for a signature
  • Absolute belief in all statements made by SCP-XXXX
  • Pledges of undying loyalty and subservience

Despite displaying recognition of and fervor towards SCP-XXXX, affected individuals cannot recall specifics regarding their fixation, including SCP-XXXX's name and occupation. When questioned subjects will become defensive and agitated, attributing their confusion to a lapse in memory. Despite universally failing to provide specifics regarding SCP-XXXX's identity, subjects have been shown to adopt suggestive questions and statements as fact.

Addendum XXXX/A.1 - Test logs

Foreword: The purpose of this test is to determine if SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects are present in photographs, and to assess the effectiveness of suggestibility.
Test subject: D-XXXX01, a 35 year old African-American male.
[Begin test, 1:46 PM]
Dr. C████████: D-XXXX01, please open the envelope in front of you.
D-XXXX01: 'Aight but what's in - oh, hey I recognise this guy. Love his work! What's his name again, uh…
Dr. C████████: That's a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio.
D-XXXX01: Oh yeah, that's right! Loved him in Titanic and The Revenant!
Dr. C████████: Thankyou, D-XXXX01. The test is concluded.
Closing Statement: The cognitohazardous effects of SCP-XXXX appear to extend to physical images. Further testing is necessary to determine if digital copies cause similar effects.

Foreword: The purpose of this test is to determine if SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects are present in digital images.
Test subject: D-XXXX02, a 28 year old Chinese male.
[Begin test, 2:01 PM]
Dr. C████████: D-XXXX02, please unlock the tablet you were provided and identify the individual pictured.
[ D-XXXX02 nods and unlocks the tablet. A picture of SCP-XXXX is open]
D-XXXX02: I know him. Great man, I'm a huge fan.
Dr. C████████: What is his name and occupation?
D-XXXX02: Come on, you know, he's famous! I'm not an idiot. What kind of joke is this?
Dr. C████████: Apologies. So you said you were a fan of Tom Cruise?
D-XXXX02: Yeah, that's who it was! I love the Mission Impossible movie series. Any chance I can see Fallout when it's released?
Dr. C████████: It will be considered. The test is concluded.
Closing Statement: Digital images also appear to propagate SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects. D-XXXX02 was not permitted to see Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Foreword The purpose of this test is to determine if SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects are present in greyscale images with partial redactions.
Test subject: D-XXXX03, a 24 year old Caucasian male.
[Begin test, 2:51 PM]
Dr. C████████:** D-XXXX03, please open the envelope you were provided.
[ D-XXXX03 opens the envelope and looks at the photo]
D-XXXX03: Who's this supposed to be?
Dr. C████████: Do you recognize the person in this photograph at all?
D-XXXX03: I mean I think I went to junior school with someone who looked like this, but I can't be sure.
Dr. C████████: That's actually a picture of Justin Bieber.
D-XXXX03: You serious, doc? This kid looks nothing like him. You might wanna get out of the lab a bit more often.
Dr. C████████: Your concern is appreciated, D-XXXX03. Please also unlock the tablet in front of you.
[ D-XXXX03 unlocks the tablet.]
D-XXXX03: I dunno what experiment you're doing here doc, but it's the same kid as before. And before you ask it ain't Justin Timberlake either.
Dr. C████████: Thankyou, D-XXXX03. The test is concluded.
Closing Statements: Desaturation and partial redaction appear to have nullified SCP-XXXX's effects. This will serve as the portrait for SCP-XXXX's database entry.

Addendum XXXX/A.2 - Revised description
SCP-XXXX was the designation given to Provisional Site Lead Dr. White following a misunderstanding on the behalf of former Site Lead Dr. Hall. After being informed Dr. White was visiting Site-88, Dr. Hall claimed no researcher of that name was scheduled for visitation, and assuming the presence of a cognitohazardous effect, authorised the deployment of Mobile Task Force Eta-10 "See No Evil", and had Dr. White immediately assigned to a standard cognitohazard-proof containment cell. A review of SCP-XXXX's first and second test logs determined that subjects mistakenly identified Dr. White as a result of the cross-race effect1, an error that did not occur in the third. SCP-XXXX's identity was discovered by junior researcher Smith, who recognized Dr. White's signature on a submitted request for living amenities, and immediately lodged a report. Subsequent investigation found Dr. Hall's conduct severely below standard, and as such he has been relieved of his duties, with Dr. White assuming provisional control of Site-88 until further notice. The acquired note has been attached below.

To whomever may find this,
My name is Dr. White. I am an esteemed researcher at your facility, however for unknown reasons I have been confined to this cell. I was scheduled for visitation on the 30th of August 2018, however before I could enter a number of blindfolded men accosted me, and I was imprisoned here. Please inform your superiors of this injustice, and have me freed as soon as possible.

Dr. White