Item #: SCP-4958

Object Class: Euclid Keter


SCP-4958 mid "Reconfiguration" SCP-4958-1 is atop the roof, and an instance of SCP-4958-2 is emerging from the alleyway.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the mass and location of SCP-4958, standard containment procedures are currently impossible. Instead, the land surrounding SCP-4958 in a 50m radius from the center point of the object has been purchased and secured by the foundation. Physical alterations of the secured area have been minimized to prevent civilian interference. Any unauthorized personnel who have reached a 20m range of SCP-4958 are to be detained, debriefed and terminated. At all times, 5 on-site sniper units must be positioned on adjacent household rooftops from SCP-4958, exactly 15m away from the object, with the intention of terminating any instances of SCP-4958-2.

Sniper units are comprised of MTF squads ████, ████████ and █████. Each unit must at all times contain at least 3 highly trained MTF snipers. Each sniper unit is to be stationed within a foundation approved concealed location atop a nearby household roof, invisible to civilian population via active camouflage. Each sniper is to be armed with a MK-11 standard issue semi-automatic sniper rifle, suppressor muzzle devices are compulsory.

Any instances of SCP-4958-2 are to be immediately terminated, each sniper unit taking shots in unison until target is confirmed eliminated. Once target is eliminated, an extra 5 shots are to be placed into the head of the SCP-4958-2. On-site retrieval groups are to place a Class-D subject within the 10m zone of SCP-4958 and retrieve and dispose of the body of the SCP-4958-2 via incineration.

Description: SCP-4958 is a three-story urban house measuring 195 square meters located in ██████████, UK. Infrastructure surrounding SCP-4958 within a 4m radius shows signs of corrosion and melting. very window of the house functions correctly, despite the nature of SCP-4958, each displaying a normal, yet incredibly bright, modern interior. Thermal scans indicate a tall figure, approximately 2m tall residing in the uppermost floor of the house, hereon referred to as SCP-4958-1. Attempts to communicate with this entity are inconclusive, however SCP-4958-1 has shown signs of sentience, as it has been observed 'Smiling and waving' at foundation personnel looking at it, and even using basic sign language to 'talk' to MTF snipers- ranging from peace signs; the middle finger and on one occasion SCP-4958-1 mocked the snipers, imitating them with a lamp instead of a sniper-rifle.

SCP-4958's anomalous properties are not visible until reaching a range of 10m from the center of the house. Any biological life reaching this distance will immediately fall unconscious and be pulled toward SCP-4958 by unknown means. Once subject reaches a distance of 3m from SCP-4958, a mechanical sound can be heard emanating from the front-side of the house. This is followed by the front door slowly opening and subject being pulled inside. Subject is awoken from unconscious state after this event. Any biological life entering the effective range of SCP-4958 after this event are ignored for the next 24 hours. Subjects have also reported missing limbs or organs after awaking inside SCP-4958, however this is unpredictable and is not a probable occurrence.

SCP-4958s main anomalous trait is its ability to reconfigure the entire layout, design and size of the interior. This event usually occurs between 1-3 times within a 24 hour timespan. The entire interior of the house is changed in this transformation event, sometimes even disobeying the laws of physics, such as when the interior exceeds the exterior in size. The exterior of the house has never shown any physical changes, even during these transformation events. Maximum recorded size of the interior is currently 10.4km², with an estimated 2532 individual bedrooms, kitchens, stairwells and bathrooms. 7 of these rooms were classed as anomalous however, and are listed below.

  • A 100m² empty hall, excluding a small speaker in the middle of the room playing the English national anthem at 140db. Sounds could not be heard anywhere outside of the hall.
  • A 24m² room with the words "Harvest draws near" inscribed into every wall and floor approximately 235 times.
  • A typical British garden area excluding a large hole in the center which goes approximately 465m down.
  • A 2m² bathroom, commonly found within SCP-4958's interior. Later video analysis showed SCP-4958-1 lying in the bath smiling at the camera soaked in a black liquid. Further analysis pending.
  • A door which lead to the main entrance of ████ school, which is located 173m away from SCP-4958. Live video feed from the drone showed no anomalous traits within the school interior, and drone was flown back to Site-4958 without incident.
  • A living room with a SONY television displaying the message "Its rude not to knock."
  • A standard SCP-4958 kitchen measuring 10m², anomalous properties were later discovered from video revision showing that SCP-4958-1 was present in the kitchen, slicing an unknown meat on the counter with a kitchen knife.

Smallest known configuration of SCP-4958 occurred when exploratory mission 4958-B was cancelled due to the interior only consisting of two 3m² bathrooms.

During these reconfiguration events, SCP-4958-1 is no longer visible through the windows of the house and is seen "dancing" on the roof of the house. During this time, SCP-4958 is sheltered from public view via. sheet metal carried by drones, to prevent civilians from witnessing SCP-4958's anomalous traits. "Dancing" lasts between 30 seconds to 3 hours, and it is theorized that the length of dance correlates to the size of the interior, however this is not proven.

Usually after each reconfiguration event, 1-2 manifestations of SCP-4958-2 will emerge from the driveway of the house. SCP-4958-2 are nearly identical to SCP-4958-1 and are killed relatively easily by on-site MTF sniper units. Under no circumstances must any manifestations of SCP-4958-2 be allowed to leave site-4958, and must therefore be killed on sight. If SCP-4958-2 comes into contact with any biological life, it will attempt to drag them into SCP-4958 via. the front door. If the subject refuses to be dragged, showing more strength than the SCP-4958-2 manifestation, SCP-4958-2 will begin to break subjects bones or rip out muscle groups in order to disable them. Any attempt to communicate with SCP-4958-2 have failed.

Discovery: SCP-4958 was discovered on ████████, 2002 when complaints of missing children and missing pets spread over the south coast of England. Foundation personnel searched for anomalous traits across the south coast until local law enforcement went missing in the town of ██████████. Foundation personnel located SCP-4958 and site-4958 was established later that week. The foundation agreed with the UK government to establish a no-fly zone over the city, and local civilians and law enforcement were informed that the land had been purchased by a local real-estate company. Any previous owners of houses within a 20m radius of SCP-4958 were debriefed and terminated.

Document 4958: Log of incidents related to SCP-4958:

I've never seen containment breaches this bad… If this thing ever does… that again, we're nuking it. I don't care about hundreds of casualties, if that thing breaches containment again we'll be looking at an XK. Billions of casualties. -Dr ████████, level 5 researcher.

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