Item #: SCP-4664
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4664 is to be kept in a 9x10x7 steel room in a glass boxguarded by two guards. SCP-4664 is never to be let out until testing.

Description: SCP-4664 is a gas ball measuring in 5 x 5 in meters. SCP-4664 origins are unknown, but SCP-4664 can █████. SCP-4664 has █ different states, the known states being ██, ██, ███ and its gas state. Site personnel are to not go near SCP-4664 at any time. SCP-4664 will follow the nearest living creature closest to it and use one of its states to kill it. If no living creatures are near it, then SCP-4664 will return to where it first was and become docile again.

(Addendum 4664-A) Test 1: D-1039 is equipped with a fire extinguisher.

Dr. ███: D-1039 please walk up to SCP-4664 and wait for further instructions.

D-1039 walks up to SCP-4664

Dr. ████ opens the box lid.

SCP-4664 goes towards D-1039 and turns into its ███ state

D-1039: Oh god! What do I do!

Dr. ████: Use the fire extinguisher.

D-1039: I can’t! It’s a giant ball of ███ for god’s sake!

SCP-4664 attacks D-1039

D-1039 starts gurgling and falls into a pile of ███.

Dr. ████: Okay… Get it back into the box