weiserthanyou's Proposal: The Vengeful God
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Item #: 001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature and size of SCP-001, it is impossible to contain. Agents have been planted within civilian space agencies to prevent the release or independent study of information about SCP-001. At present, NASA and ESA are cooperating with the Foundation to gather data on SCP-001 in secrecy through existing missions.
Research is underway to develop a means of protecting Earth from SCP-001’s activation, but has not yet produced any viable solutions.
No known method of preventing Perun Events can be implemented without a public discovery of the nature of SCP-001, possibly resulting in an MK Broken Masquerade/LV-0 Lifted Veil scenario.

Description: SCP-001 refers to the magnetosphere of the planet Jupiter, the planet itself (SCP-001-A), as well as the Galilean moons (SCP-001-B through SCP-001-E). While initial scans by the Pioneer probes revealed a magnetosphere significantly stronger and far larger than would have been predicted from a planet of Jupiter’s size, the discrepancy was initially explained by the moon Io (SCP-001-B)’s volcanism providing a significant source of up to one tonne of plasma per second that generated a plasma torus and greatly expanded the magnetosphere with internal plasma pressure.


An illustration of the basic interactions between SCP-001 and the Galilean moons

Unlike Earth’s magnetosphere, SCP-001 is flattened, being based around a magnetodisk along SCP-001’s magnetic equator. Also unlike Earth, the inner regions of SCP-001 are sculpted and influenced primarily by the plasma flow from SCP-001-B (and to a lesser extent, -C and -D. -E is a negligible source of plasma under non-anomalous conditions) rather than solar wind. The result is a magnetic field highly susceptible to change based on internal sources while only being partially altered by external interference.

Subsequent observations of SCP-001 after the initial discovery have indicated that the magnetosphere is expanding at a possibly exponential rate. Over the course of 25 years from 1973 to 1998, the plasma flow from SCP-001-B increased by approximately 190% in increasingly large, though irregularly timed, increments1. Corresponding increases have been recorded in the plasma flows from SCP-001-C and -D, though their smaller contributions to overall Jovian plasma have resulted in much smaller changes. Of note is that only SCP-001-B should be able to provide the additional plasma, and the increased flow should be unsustainable for all three moons. As of 1998, SCP-001-E was not a notable source of ions, though sublimation processes identical to those happening on -C and -D produced gases and an extremely tenuous atmosphere that was occasionally stripped away.

All Perun Events correspond to the launch of a rocket containing any live multicellular organism exceeding ~0.0002 milligrams beyond Earth’s mesosphere2. This effect is only present when propelled on any form of craft intended to reach beyond the mesosphere. While the launch of satellites into Low and Medium Earth Orbit does not affect SCP-001, the launch of satellites beyond Earth’s magnetopause affects SCP-001 with approximately 40% of the efficiency of a sufficiently massive multicellular organism exiting the mesosphere. Due to a lack of data from before 1973 and the lack of extensive data collection until 1995, it is difficult to establish the exact rate at which any given Perun Event affects the size of SCP-001.

Addendum 001-2011-3
The arrival of a Foundation-operated satellite into the Jovian system for the express purpose of studying SCP-001 has allowed for several discoveries. The rate of total plasma contribution by SCP-001-B, -C, and -D has increased to nearly 5,000 kilograms per second since 2002. In addition, SCP-001-E has begun producing highly ionized plasma inconsistent with the ices sublimating off its surface. Projections indicate that the SCP-001’s volume should have increased by at least 300% as a result; instead, SCP-001’s volume has increased by only 34%. Instead of being trapped in huge magnetized torii and forcing the magnetic field outward, the plasma is spiraling inward to create a dense plasmasphere over SCP-001-A that greatly increases the current flow across the inner magnetic field. The mechanism by which this is occurring, and by which an additional current is produced without much increase in SCP-001’s volume, is not understood by any current models. While the resultant increases in synchrotron and infrared radiation are within acceptable levels, the primary emitted wavelengths are shortening into higher-energy parts of the electromagnetic spectrum while flux between the inner moons and SCP-001-A grows more and more lopsided in favor of energy flow towards SCP-001-A’s radiation belts.


Project Porphyrion is an extensive effort restricted to Foundation-controlled assets to neutralize the threat posed by SCP-001 by forcing a premature collapse of the magnetic field in such a way that the resulting radiation and particle beam are restricted to expulsion via the magnetic poles. 23 satellites will be launched into Jupiter orbit at orbital elevations ranging from the Io plasma torus to approximately 2 million kilometers out. Projections indicate a 45% chance of success.

Stage One
Over the course of six months, 20 Foundation satellites equipped with the specialized instruments and technology outlined in Supplementary Document 001-PST will be launched from Earth towards Jupiter to join the three involved satellites already in orbit. Upon the insertion of the final satellite into a stable circularized orbit with the inclination, eccentricity, altitude, and period outlined in Supplementary Document 001-PSO, Stage Two will begin.

Stage Two
Each satellite will deploy and activate equipped Magnetic Interference Modules (MIMs) to measure localized magnetic turbulence within SCP-001. In the case of the two satellites within the Io Plasma Torus and the two each in orbit of each Galilean moon, Plasma Deionization Arrays will be activated in an attempt to reduce the flow of plasma to SCP-001-A. If measurements are within an acceptable predicted range, Stage Three will begin.

Stage Three
Using [REDACTED], the satellites will begin projecting magnetic fields in resonance with each other, creating a countercurrent running opposite the primary current in SCP-001. Following current models, the countercurrent will reach approximately 1 million amperes; less than 0.1% of the primary current, but sufficient to begin Stage Four.

Stage Four

Stage Five
Upon the collapse of the outer regions of SCP-001, the internal plasma pressure will be forced inward and will fall entirely onto SCP-001-A. At this point, the radiation belts will also collapse, generating a massive particle surge along open field lines. With the remaining satellites continuing to generate a resonant field beyond the new magnetopause of SCP-001, 92% of the particles between 1-10 keV that do not escape along the open field lines at the poles will be caught by the counterfield and forced into a new radiation belt around the orbital distance of SCP-001-D. Stage Five is projected to last in excess of twelve years, with additional rocket launches having the potential to prolong it.

Stage Six
Stage Six commences once the dense plasmasphere no longer has the energy to sustain relativistic jets from the dipoles. At this time, SCP-████-1 instances will be activated to impart additional orbital energy into SCP-001-B, -C, -D, and -E until their minimum orbital distance exceeds 5 million kilometers from SCP-001-A. Negative effects upon the possible life in the icy moons are considered acceptable.

Stage Seven
Stage Seven will only begin if Stage Five is unable to reduce the total energy of SCP-001 by more than 1% per three months or if the plasma flows from SCP-001-B, -C, and -D do not decrease despite the lack of a magnetosphere to strip plasma away.
Stage Seven entails the use of SCP-████-1 instances equipped to 12 of the satellites to force SCP-001-B into the Roche limit of SCP-001-A, disintegrating it and adding it into the plasmasphere and atmosphere of SCP-001-A. Following this, SCP-001 will collapse and be blanketed under the new plasmasphere. Expected behavior of SCP-001 after Stage Seven follows models for neutron star pulsars with fossil disks and magnetars accreting mass from companion stars.

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Item #: 001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is at this point wholly impossible to contain. It is estimated to reach the critical threshold within three weeks, at which point containment will be irrelevant. All efforts to stop the activation have failed and have instead moved it ahead of schedule as a result of spaceflights beyond Earth’s magnetosphere. Due to the projected course of relavistic jets directing striking Earth, life on the surface will soon be untenable. To preserve the human race, all personnel not actively containing other sites are directed to travel to one of several sites to escape the destruction of Earth’s atmosphere as we know it, and to bring their families if heading to certain sites (sites allowing family are listed on a case-by-case basis for individual personnel).

The 13 11 remaining operational Project Porphyrion satellites are to be used to redirect and diffuse the ultra-high-energy particle belts now surrounding SCP-001-A for as long as possible. When the particle belts can no longer be contained and begin feeding jets, SCP-001 will be considered active.

Description: SCP-001 entails the anomalous magnetosphere of the planet Jupiter (SCP-001-A), now comparable in strength to that of a neutron star. By an unknown mechanism, 99.98% of the field strength is concentrated within the original orbit of Io (SCP-001-B). The magnetic poles are unstable and rotate around SCP-001-A along lines of longitude once every three hours, currently releasing particle jets with per-particle energies of up to 200 keV and a total output in excess of 250 Terawatts from the two beams. SCP-001 now appears to be increasing in strength by ██% and shrinking in volume by █% per three days, regardless of human activity.

SCP-001-B has been destroyed by tidal forces and fallen into SCP-001-A.
SCP-001-C and SCP-001-D have been moved farther out from SCP-001-A, and have lost all traces of their magnetic moments. This includes the intrinsic magnetic moment and resultant magnetosphere of SCP-001-D.
SCP-001-A’s rotational period has been reduced to 8.56 hours, and appears to be undergoing conversion into metallic hydrogen even at 1/12000th of the sustained pressure necessary to force the dissolution of H2 molecules into a compressed uniform liquid or solid comprised entirely of individual hydrogen atoms, free H+ ions and electrons.

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SCP-001 has activated. The remaining Project Porphyrion satellites have been destroyed, the particle beams are putting out energies over 120 GeV each, and Earth’s ionosphere is ballooning from UV bombardment. Worldwide telecommunications are beginning to fail, so use this network to continue communication between sites. God help us all.
—Dr. Akoúo


We’ve still got civilians evacuating into Site-64T. Do we seal the Site immediately or finish evacuations first? M. Williams | Site-64 Assistant Director

SCP-2399 is active. We are unable to determine if it is being affected by SCP-001. Further updates as observations allow. C. Aster | Director, Extraterrestrial Anomaly Department

Civilian evacuation into Site-62 is becoming unworkable without risking containment breaches. We're sealing off the Site. R. Hels | Security Director, Site 62


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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Renost or Archon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 must not be neutralized or partially disabled. All necessary resources are to be directed towards the protection and sustainment of SCP-001 indefinitely. In the event of SCP-001 reaching activation, a GH-K "Tabula Rasa" scenario is to be implemented and executed as swiftly as possible. SCP-2000 is to be used to repair all damage to Earth's surface, atmosphere, and biosphere following the deactivation of SCP-001 and to ensure the survival of a portion of the human race. All the knowledge of the since-destroyed cycle is to be preserved at SCP-2000 and at least one extradimensional location accessible from Earth6. Pretermemetic failsafes are to be inserted into the preserved records to ensure the following cycle's continuation of research on how to prevent the Chronotelos Event from occurring.

Description: SCP-001 is our savior. SCP-001 is our protector. SCP-001 is all that stands between us and our destruction. We thought it was a natural occurrence, or a malicious trap set by some ancient race to destroy us if we ever leave our world. We were wrong. SCP-001 was set by us to stop our descendants from our own creations.

Space is big. Across the entire universe we have encountered many anomalies, a frightening number of which are directly or indirectly hostile to humanity. Through exploration, we learned a frightening truth: most of these anomalies are hostile to us because of our actions as a species in the past. Some of them were created by us, either intentionally or by accident. Others simply were, and we managed to anger them. It doesn't change the truth: if we expand throughout our solar system or even beyond it and make too much progress, those anomalies will notice us. Ten thousand ways to horribly end our race, and nine thousand of them would come to us to fulfill their millennia-long grudges.

SCP-001 is not in any way alien. We made it. Who knows how long ago, perhaps several reboots, perhaps during The Galactic Cataclysm that confined us to this world, we set it to stop ourselves from species suicide. Neutralizing it wouldn't just remove the safeguard on our expansion; it would also remove the cloaking system we've benefitted from without our knowledge. Jupiter was and still is a radio pulsar, beaming out into space. We didn't realize until far too late that it also drowned out most of our transmissions, masing us from anyone who might be listening.