Item #: SCP-2624

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2624 is dedicated to the limitation of development of dimension traveling from the public. The following procedures are in place to accomplish this:

  • The idea of dimensions is to be regarded as a hypothesis from several scientific groups. Embedded agents are in place at several programs dedicated to the study of string theory and alternate dimensions to attempt to disrupt the programs.
  • Research on quantum mechanics are to be closely examined on the subject of particles existing in the same area simultaneously. Further information is to be removed from all sources of media.
  • Technology that is capable of dimesnion travelling is only to be available to the Foundation and the UIU. An agreement with the UIU was made to not release information on this technology unless under Contingency Plan 663-Failsafe.

All documentation regarding SCP-2624 and SCP-2624-1 are stored at Site-551, Sub-Level 16 document and imaging archives.

Contact between each Foundation is only to be conducted when absolutely needed. When questioned, personnel are to say "A link between worlds"1 in order to inform that Foundation of their nature.

Description: SCP-2624 is a constant between all dimensions within the collected multiverse. All dimensions either have or had a group that contains anomalies labelled "SCP Foundation." Each SCP Foundation is drasticly different from one another, but all instances will have:

  • Contained anomalies under the SCP Format ("Special Containment Procedures, Description, etc.")
  • Have a single Administrator.
  • Have expendable workers for anomaly handling.
  • and all have documentation regarding SCP-2624. (SCP-2624-1)

Each dimension is labelled with under the following designation:

Codename: Nickname, often correlating with key points in that Foundation's structure/activites. (For example: Codename: ChickenSalad: 80% of the anomalies contained are salad based.)
DI#: The numerical designation for said dimension.
Classified: Yes/No for whether the Foundation is not known to the general public or not.
Disbanded: Yes/No for whether the Foundation still exists in a stable state at that current time.
Description: A main description of the universe.
Other Notes: For information that does not fit in the other categories, but is still note worthy.

SCP-2624-1 is a constant between each Foundation. Each Foundation will carry some sort of documentation regarding SCP-2624, SCP-2624-1 and their properties.