Westrin Memetic Kill Agent

Item #: SCP-3423

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3423 is currently uncontained. 15 150 separate Foundation web crawlers have been deployed throughout the internet, which mark all confirmed cases of SCP-3423. Once an SCP-3423 instance has been confirmed, MTF Kappa-10 ("Skynet") are to remove the image from the site via Class-C Administrator Override String.

All casualties caused by SCP-3423 are to be explained under Cover Story Delta-Ask ("Unrelated Heart Attack"). All references and/or rumors regarding SCP-3423 that have been flagged are also to be removed by MTF Kappa-10.

A single SCP-3423 instance is to be stored within Site-551's Information Wing, on a computer terminal within Room-81. Access to this SCP-3423 instance is only accessible to level 4 personnel, and is to only be viewed by D-Class Personnel.

Description: SCP-3423 is a memetic kill agent, accidentally created by the internet user █████████ on 29/3/2016. SCP-3423 was created during a live recording on the website Twitch, dedicated to the user drawing artwork, and answering questions from the audience. █████████ was attempting to draw a piece of abstract artwork, and accidentally created a memetic kill agent while creating the piece. It was determined that any pixel deviations exceeding █ pixels would have nullified SCP-3423's effects. █████████ expired shortly after, and approximately 1400 deaths were linked by SCP-3423's initial creation.

SCP-3423 is a Rosetta-37 Type Memetic Kill Agent. Its effects are instant, and cause cardiac arrest in viewers. SCP-3423 has been observed to also affect other primates, but the effects are dampened and/or altered. For example, chimpanzees exposed to SCP-3423 expire after 12 hours, while several species of monkey suffer from brain hemorrhage, and expire after 2 hours.

SCP-3423 has since been planted throughout the internet by other users, under the guise of links to relevant news articles, images, or other pieces of media. Users use websites such as Tinyurl in order to hide the source of the image, so that users will access the link, and be exposed to SCP-3423. The current number of links that contain SCP-3423 is unknown (See addendum-2.)

Interview Log: 3423-KAPPA

Addendum-1: SCP-3423 Timeline


To: Containment Director Jessica Shirly, SCP-3423 containment specalist.

From: Site Director Noah Madden, Site-551

To Jessica,

I have new data regarding SCP-3423 and its presence on the internet. MTF Kappa-10 ran a battery of tests and observations using special webcrawlers, and have made this hypothesis:

It is theorized that there are a total of 2,500,000 links on the internet that lead to SCP-3423. Yes, 2.5 million, not a typo. The data says:

  • 1,350,000 on the entirety of Reddit
  • 650,000 on the entirety of Facebook
  • 100,000 on the entirety of Twitter
  • 15,000 from the comments on Youtube videos
  • 5,000 on MySpace
  • 380,000 spread across other sites.

Granted, this is better than the 10 million when SCP-3423 was most popular before the mass wipe, but it's still ridiculous. By my current calculations, SCP-3423 will reach 50 million in 5 years if we don't do something. If it does, it might "leak" outside of the internet, and into the general public.

This is my formal order for a mass operation of the total neutralization of SCP-3423 by any means possible. The veil is expendable in this situation. Do what you need to do.


Addendum-3: SCP-3423


The following file contains a memetic kill agent that hasn't been altered for safe viewing. This file should only be viewed by D-Class Personnel, or personnel that are deemed lost.

You have been warned