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This is WestrinWestrin's sandbox page for stormbreathstormbreath's Kaiju attack project.

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Information regarding the incident described in this document is very scarce. Information regarding the attack is still currently being researched. Personnel are advised to follow this page closely for updates.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Incident #: 192002-995-137944

Incident Name: "Attack on Three Portlands"

Overview: A large entity informally dubbed the "Crocosquid" made landfall on Three Portlands, which is an autonomous city-state located within a region of extradimensional space. The entity successfully destroyed most of the city before being neutralized by the Global Occult Coalition. Due to the size and impact of the incident, multiple anomalous Groups of Interest became aware of this, and have reacted to the situation in various ways.

It is highly likely that the entity might have originated from SCP-XXXX (This will be stormbreaths SCP) after a supposed attack from the Chaos Insurgency. More information regarding the event is unknown. However, multiple documents of interest from various Groups of Interest have been recovered after the incident, and have been attached here by order of Project Director ██████████.

RAISA Administration have authorized for the implementation of Project Arh-Tom, for the use of gathering/containing info regarding the incident and its aftermath. Project Arh-Tom is currently at 79% effectiveness.

Project Arh-Tom consists of the following procedures:

  • The collection of info of the aftermath of the incident, using documents created by involved GoIs. Collection of these documents is carried out by Foundation moles.
  • The collection of info of what caused the incident to occur, including the origins of the Entity, its relevance to SCP-XXXX, and the cause/origin of SCP-XXXX itself.
  • The prevention of info of the event from reaching the public. Standard Foundation information protocols are followed in this sense.

Note from Project Director ██████████: Project Arh-Tom is, as of now, an Aleph-Seripeth class project (high relevancy, high urgency), and Foundation resources are currently committed to Project Arh-Tom. Because of this, level 1 information regarding the project has been granted to all Foundation personnel that are stationed anywhere near the portals to New Portlands. I want all hands on deck here, because if we're entirely honest, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Documents of Note:

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